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Most recent headlines:

18 February—Energy Transfer Partners EPS Estimated At $0.31
17 February—Got questions about the Nexus project in Green? Get answers…
16 February—Dems press for information on Rover spill
15 February—NEXUS neighbors worried over gas pipeline
14 February—Environmentalists Buoyed by Bench Ruling on Crude Oil Pipeline
13 February—US natural gas pipeline approvals up 70% in 2017…
12 February—MVP’s contractor in environmental problems during construction…
11 February—Ohio EPA wants more samples from Rover site after solvent found
10 February—Rover Seeks FERC OK to Start Up Pennsylvania Lateral
9 February—Regulators say Rover pipeline builders can resume drilling
8 February—Rover can resume work
7 February—ETP Rover natgas pipe seeks U.S. FERC OK to resume Ohio drill
6 February—NEXUS Makes an Offer to Green
5 February—FERC tells ETP to file plan for possible Rover alternative
4 February—U.S. Bank Protest in Minneapolis: March Against Pipeline Funding
3 February—Ohio… Latest to Consider Anti-Protest Bills Aimed at Pipeline Foes
2 February—U.S. natgas production dips after pipeline fire in Ohio
31 January—ETP Takes FERC Fight Over $4.2B Pipeline Work To DC Circ
30 January—Residents oppose proposed $1B power plant near Fowlerville
29 January—Analysts take a look at Energy Transfer Partners, having this to say.
28 January—Ohio Regulators Again Ask FERC to Block Drilling for Rover Pipeline
27 January—FERC Orders ETP To Halt Work On One Rover Natgas Pipeline
26 January—North Carolina approves Atlantic Coast Pipeline water permit…
25 January—FERC Halts Rover Drilling under River
24 January—Ohio again asks FERC to block drilling for Rover… pipeline project
23 January—FERC is Considering Ohio EPA’s Request For Help with Rover
22 January—Ohio EPA Asks Feds to Stop Rover Pipeline
21 January—Maryland should say no to fracked gas pipeline
20 January—The World’s Most Innovative Gas Field
19 January—State asks feds to stop Rover work
18 January—Rover Spills Another 150,000 Gallons Into Ohio Wetlands
17 January—Ohio EPA troubled by HDD problems on Rover Pipeline
16 January—Ohio EPA Requests Daily Updates on Rover’s Second Tuscarawas HDD
15 January—Ohio EPA Reports New Rover Pipeline Spill to FERC
14 January—Cause for concern
13 January—Ohio EPA raises new Rover Pipeline concerns
12 January—Natural gas pipelines in service
11 January—Infractions Stop Work on Mariner East 2 Pipeline
10 January—DAPL Track Record Highlights Unavoidable Reality: Pipelines Leak
9 January—Panel hears veterans review
8 January—County commissioners to reorganize today
7 January—Prominent Runner: Energy Transfer Partners
6 January—Tortoise Capital Advisors Decreased ETP Holding as Shares Declined
5 January—TransCanada gets FERC approvals for three pipeline projects
4 January—Pa. stops construction of ETP pipeline for ‘egregious’ violations
3 January—US FERC approves two major TransCanada gas pipeline expansions
2 January—Republic Short Line aims to expand rail use in 2018
1 January—Top stories of 2017: 4. Rover pipeline built through Lenawee County

31 December—Top 10 stories of 2017: No. 4. Rover Pipeline construction begins
30 December—Columbia’s Leach XPress Goes into Service Jan. 1
29 December—Pipeline projects cross county
28 December—Rover Pipeline construction boosts economy, alters local landscape
27 December—FERC Will Review Pipeline Policies For First Time In 18 Years
26 December—Goldman Sachs Has Just Issued an Upgrade of ETP
25 December—A Lower Rating Has Been Given to Energy Transfer Partners
24 December—Is Energy Transfer Partners a Stock One Should Sell?
23 December—Pa. Public School Retirement System Lifted ETP
22 December—Mizuho Securities Reiterates ETP As a “Buy”
21 December—Restoration Committee Seeks Commission Help
20 December—Energy Transfer Partners on Track to Finish Rover Pipeline
19 December—Increasing Appalachian Capacity: Can Production Keep Up?
18 December—FERC approves Rover’s Phase 1B for service
17 December—ETP Announces FERC Approval to Place Rover Phase 1B into Service
16 December—ETP OK for more Rover pipeline drilling by FERC as Ohio objects
15 December—Rover can resume drilling under Tuscarawas River
14 December—Interactive Pipeline Map launched to Empower Ohio Citizens
171214 sierra club rover pipeline interactive map
13 December—Ohio asks Rover pipeline to stop horizontal drilling
12 December—Rover pipeline drawing attention for wrong reasons
11 December—National forest drilling opponents plan protest at Wayne HQ
10 December—What is the Rover pipeline?
9 December—Rover monitoring continues after April spill; water deemed safe
8 December—FERC Affirms Denial of Blanket Construction Certificate for Rover
7 December—Rover Pipeline seeks OK for compressor stations, laterals
6 December—Feds say Rover misled regulators to demolish an historic home
5 December—Rover Supply Laterals, Compressors Ready For Service…
4 December—New pipelines would boost state
3 December—Current turnaround in natural gas putting focus on end users
2 December—FERC Denies Rover Rehearing Request
1 December—Virginia DEQ Wrong; Pipelines Contaminate Clean Water
30 November—Rover Progressing on HDDs as Ohio EPA Continues Hounding Pipeline
29 November—Betty Sutton Urges Governor to Revoke Rover Pipeline Permit
28 November—Natural gas is no environmental “winner”
27 November—ET Rover Pipeline endangers our environment
26 November—Ohio asks Rover pipeline to stop horizontal drilling
23 November—Rover Pipeline spills contaminants in Ohio stream in Ashland County
22 November—Ohio EPA Says Rover Pipeline Caused More Wetland Spills
21 November—Rover Pipeline gets approval for HDD drilling at four sites
20 November—Letter: Pipelines need higher standards
19 November—Editorial: Rein in reckless Rover pipeline project
18 November—Roads must be safe for area drivers
17 November—Keystone pipeline spills 210,000 gallons of oil….
171117 keystone pipeline leaks cnn
17 November—Wood County EMA receives $10000 grant from Rover Pipeline
16 November—What will Smith supervisors do?
15 November—Keeping Roads Safe, Passable
14 November—Local Emergency Planning Committee Holds Monthly Meeting
13 November—Sunoco Logistics Partners LP Upgraded by Zacks
12 November—Energy Transfer Well-Positioned For Potential Waha Basis Blowout
11 November—US Gulf Coast seen as natural gas export hub for years to come
10 November—Letter: Pipelines meet need, benefit state
9 November—Mariner East 2 Pipeline Again Delayed by Regulatory Snags
8 November—Pipelines must abide by their promises
7 November—Mayor offers impromptu remarks on Nexus, charter amendment
6 November—Appalachia pipeline expansions impact increasingly muted
5 November—Ohio sues gas pipeline developer over pollution violations
4 November—Ohio Files Lawsuit Against Rover Pipeline
2 November—Ohio files lawsuit against Rover Pipeline….
1 November—Sutton asks about DeWine conflict on Rover pipeline fines
31 October—…Appalachian Capacity Ramping Up as FERC OKs Rayne XPress…
30 October—Resistance Builds to New Louisiana Oil Pipeline
29 October—…FERC OK to Ramp… Adair Southwest, Access South
28 October—Rover’s Proposal to Speed Up HDD Monitoring Gets FERC Nod
27 October—Herrington to help on pressure needs
26 October—Pembina Pipeline Cor: What Are the Signals Showing?
25 October—Nexus pipeline construction cleared, court fight remains
24 October—Group Weighs In On Pipeline Response To Environmental Violations
23 October—Sutton Hits DeWine On Fines Of Company He’s Invested In
22 October—Rover Pipeline ‘willing to address any contamination’ in groundwater
21 October—FERC Signs Off on Two More Rover HDDs
20 October—Energy Transfer Equity: Analyzing Technical Indicators
19 October—With Brent Futures in Backwardation, Could Demand Outpace Supply?
18 October—Rover Pipeline cited for water violation by Michigan DEQ
17 October—DAPL Was Just One In a Labyrinth of Pipelines Across the Midwest…
16 October—Residents Crowd Meeting With Concerns Over Rover Violations
15 October—Michigan DEQ issued a violation notice to Rover on Friday.
14 October—Rover Pipeline spilling water containing gasoline into wetlands
13 October—Legal Protest Targets New Fracking in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest
12 October—It’s Still Unclear How Diesel Fuel Got Into That Rover Mud Spill
11 October—NEXUS gets approval to start 255-mile pipeline through Ohio
10 October—…Pennsylvania’s losing its rig-count lead over Ohio—here’s why
9 October—FERC gives ETP OK for partial compressor service on Rover Pipeline
8 October—FERC approves Rover Pipeline’s 1st compressor station
7 October—The Trouble with Policy by Public Spectacle
6 October—Shoulder-Season Slump Sends November NatGas Down 8 Cents
5 October—FERC OKs New Rover Compression, Upping Capacity to 1.2 Bcf/d
4 October—NEXUS Pipeline Seeks To Start Construction Through Ohio Next Week
3 October—NE gas pipeline capacity increasing, easing flow beyond region
2 October—Ontario is about to become a natural gas battleground….
1 October—Summit Equities Raised Its Position in ETP as Share Price Declined
30 September—As Energy Transfer Partners Shares Declined….
29 September—Rally To Protest Rover Pipeline Set This Saturday
28 September—Fracking Protesters: Our Concerns Are Being Ignored
27 September—ETP takes Ohio EPA to task over Rover Pipeline
26 September—Ohio EPA Cites Rover Pipeline For 13th Violation
25 September—Ohio EPA: Another Rover spill
24 September—Ohio Communities Face ‘Voter Suppression…’
23 September—EPA asking Ohio attorney general for help with Rover Pipeline
22 September—Protesters demand Environmental Impact Study…
21 September—Ohio increases fines to $2.3 million against ETP/Rover
20 September—Ohio EPA Hikes Penalties… Turns the Case Over to the AG
19 September—Group Urges Livingston County To Join Effort Against Pipeline
18 September—City council hones in on local environmental concerns
17 September—Energy Transfer’s Rover Pipeline
16 September—FERC Lifts Rover HDD Moratorium
15 September—…floating pipeline protest camp… to take on ‘the black snake’
14 September—MasTec… highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day
13 September—Rover Presses FERC for HDD Restart; Ohio EPA Urges Patience
12 September—West Virginia vacates water permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline…
11 September—Will Trump’s tough trade talk sabotage his energy goals?
10 September—Anti-pipeline activists across the country unite to #StopETP
9 September—Rover Pipeline Start-Up Foreshadows Growth in Appalachia
8 September—Ohio’s Utica Natural Gas Helps Lead The Shale Revolution
7 September—Soil restoration is key after pipelines
6 September—Bethlehem trustees hear update on pipeline project
5 September—Eyes on the Ties’ Frackateer of the Month: Stephen Schwarzman
4 September—Major pipeline projects near construction phase
3 September—Federal agency approves use of Ohio natural gas pipeline
2 September—US FERC approves partial operation of $4.22bn Rover Pipeline in Ohio
1 September—Canton approves more money to protect Sugarcreek wellfield
31 August—Rover Pipeline still awaiting FERC approval to begin operations
30 August—Buy Kinder Morgan On This Dip For A Potential Doubler
29 August—Trump Appointees Give Final Approval to Nexus Pipeline in Ohio…
28 August—Feds approve NEXUS Pipeline; Opposers vow to fight on
27 August—FERC Approves NEXUS Pipeline Through Summit and Stark Counties
26 August—Sabotage puts… off-duty deputies back on the job along pipeline route
25 August—FERC spells out conditions for Rover restart
24 August—DAPL protesters sued for being ‘eco-terrorists’ by ETP
23 August—Rover Pipeline Is Among the Worst for Environmental Violations
22 August—Right of Way
21 August—Goldman Lost $100M On Marcellus Natural Gas Bet
20 August—More water violations found on Rover Pipeline construction sites
19 August—Goldman’s Losing Bet on Gas Said to Hurt Second-Quarter
18 August—Blackstone’s New Pipeline Asset Is Wreaking Environmental Havoc
170818 bloomberg rover pipeline chart
17 August—Is Energy Transfer Partners A Buy?
16 August—Clean up begins on contaminated mud dumped near Canton water plant
15 August—Where pipelines and coal mines intersect: under Hare Krishna shrines
14 August—Low Energy
13 August—Road Commission Opposes Nexus Pipeline Project, Cites Bullying Tactics
12 August—Washtenaw commission accuses NEXUS pipeline of ‘bullying tactics’
11 August—NC should reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
10 August—West Virginia Ends Construction Halt to Rover Pipeline Parts
9 August—Bowling Green in talks with Ohio EPA over pipeline
8 August—ConstructConnect lowers… forecast amid infrastructure uncertainty
7 August—Pipeline work moving across state
6 August—Why the Rover Pipeline is good for Ohio’s farmers
5 August—Pipeline work causes M-50 collapse
4 August—ETP says diesel at Ohio Rover natgas pipe spill may have been sabotage
3 August—Pipeline Opponents Share Stories Of Worker Misconduct…
2 August—Getting Real with Pipeline Disasters in West Virginia
1 August—Pipeline drilling causing landslides in Jefferson County
31 July—Protest Challenges Fracking Plan for Ohio’s Only National Forest
30 July—Insist Pipeliners Follow the Rules
29 July—Proposed Rover Pipeline Miscues Delay Operating Launch
28 July—Rover Pipeline Work Shut Down in West Virginia
27 July—Energy Transfer Partners LP Pipeline Problems Are Getting Worse
26 July—Rover: 1st line constructed, 2nd could be delayed by federal order
25 July—Stabenow, Peters say safety concerns should halt pipeline
24 July—As ETP Share Value Declined, Global X Management Increased Its Holding
23 July—W. Virginia orders Energy Transfer to stop work on Rover pipeline
22 July—A Rough Road for Rover Pipeline
21 July—DEP issues few violations, one fine for Sunoco’s pipeline… spills
20 July—Dakota Access developer’s new pipeline rankling regulators
19 July—Nexus Pipeline Threatens Livelihoods of Ohio Organic Farmers
18 July—Time to Rethink the ‘Big Oil’ Lie
17 July—Natural Gas Building Boom Fuels Climate Worries, Enrages Landowners
16 July—Rover Cozied Up To Ohio Officials. Then A Pollution Nightmare Began.
15 July—FERC issues warning letter on Rover Pipeline, Ohio problems
14 July—FERC Alleges Rover’s Historic Home Demolition Violated Certificate
13 July—Michigan senators seek to halt Rover pipeline construction
12 July—Feds tell Rover Pipeline to clean up waste
11 July—Ohio to pipeline builder: Clean up after spills
10 July—Ohio EPA: Rover Pipeline refusing to comply
9 July—100 protesters march against Rover gas pipeline near Silver Lake
8 July—Rover pipeline setbacks continue to build
7 July—Protest Rally Planned As Pipeline Construction Continues
6 July—Letter, July 5, 2017: Pipeline story and letter one-sided
5 July—Ohio Groups Oppose President Trump’s FERC Nominees
4 July—Residents on Michigan Lake Fear Pipeline Will Endanger Lives
3 July—Residents fear gas pipeline near Silver Lake will put lives in danger
2 July—Needed: Open dialogue on pipeline project

Note: to the above Letter To The Editor from a Texas carbon industry executive I wrote:

Mr. Godsey,

You write: “It’s important to note that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an industrywide best practice”

I would respond that, like the specious “safer than” arguments used by those profiting from extracting and moving carbon fuels from the ground to justify building pipelines, that your suggestion that a “best practice” is somehow acceptable when Ohio farmlands and watersheds are being endangered is simply not good enough.

Can we build a pipeline through your backyard please?

Jeff Hess
Have Coffee Will Write

1 July—Washtenaw Commissioners Vote To Oppose New Pipeline Route
30 June—YMCA Urging ET Rover To Put Children’s Safety First
29 June—Woes with Rover pipeline a cautionary tale
28 June—Working to keep pipelines secure
27 June—Should You Buy Energy Transfer Partners Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons
26 June—Southeast Ohio is experiencing an extraction attack
25 June—Energy Transfer Partners: Deja Vu All Over Again
24 June—Ohio pipeline builder damaging wetlands, has farmers bristling
23 June—Rover Bungling…Or is it a Calculated Decision to Place Speed Over Safety?
22 June—Citizen’s Group Talks Rover, Entrapment Zones, & Pipeline Violations
21 June—Dakota Access-Style Policing Moves to Pennsylvania’s Mariner East 2
20 June—Pipeline has positive impact on local business
19 June—Canton officials monitoring water supply during Rover investigation
18 June—Rover pipeline fine will be used for work at Ashland County Courthouse
17 June—Safe Gas Pipelines Critical to Our Quality of Life
16 June—Rover pipeline agrees to pay $1.5M to state historical society
15 June—Energy Transfer’s Pipeline Spill Problem Is Causing It Another Headache
14 June—U.S. Henry Hub natgas premium over Dominion South near 8-mo high
13 June—Rover pipeline will be good infrastructure

7 June—Michigan, Ohio residents ask for revocation of Rover pipeline permit
6 June—ET Rover pipeline drilling technique under fire from activist groups
5 June—Ohio Wants to Hike RoverPenalty to $900,000+ After Diesel Fuel Found
4 June—Diesel fuel found in mud from pipeline project
3 June—Pipeline Protest Group Urges Community to be “Vigilant”
2 June—Stormwater overflow from Rover pipeline construction affecting farms
1 June—Rover Pipeline faces more environmental scrutiny
31 May—Drilling spills provide teachable moment
30 May—FERC rejects Rover construction restart
29 May—What FERC Is And Why It Matters
28 May—The Rover Pipeline Set to Burst?
27 May—Rover Pipeline: Feds reject company’s bid to restart drilling.
26 May—Firm behind Dakota Access pipeline faces intense scrutiny for… leaks
25 May—Activists ask feds to halt ET Rover pipeline over environmental concerns
23 May—2 Leakages Found in ETP Pipeline
22 May—Pipeline work causing issues for Henry County farmers
21 May—Rover… Disputing Millions Owed After Razing Historic Ohio Home
20 May—Stormwater overflow from Rover pipeline construction affecting farms
19 May—FERC blocks natural gas pipeline work following mud spill in Ohio wetland
18 May—Rover Pipeline Spills in Ohio Wetlands
17 May—Pipeline Disputes Owing More for Harm to Historic Ohio Sites
16 May—Feds shut down new drilling along Rover pipeline project
15 May—FERC stops some drilling for Rover Pipeline
14 May—Ohio EPA orders Rover pipeline builder to pay $431,000 for violations
13 May—Ohio regulators grumble about ETP spills in Rover pipeline work
12 May—Crossroads of energy infrastructure
11 May—Letter: Drilling ‘mud’ poses no threat, yeah, right
10 May—Green Party of Ohio calls for termination of Rover Pipeline project
9 May—Keystone XL: the final leg and the myth of Trump’s job promise
8 May—Michigan Residents Against ET Rover Determined To Keep Fighting Pipeline
7 May—Keystone pipeline defiance triggers further assault on citizens’ rights
5 May—Rover Pipeline Spills Bring Construction Under Scrutiny
4 MAY—The company behind the DAPL is in another controversy.
3 Mayl—New nationwide coalition unites to stop Energy Transfer Partners.
2 Mayl—Rover pipeline construction leads to mud spills in Ohio wetlands.
30 April—Homeowners being sued over plan to build 800-mile pipeline.
29 April—Pipeline altering countryside.
28 April—Ohio EPA cites Rover Pipeline for spills.

Note: Beginning tomorrow I’m switching my pipeline focus from Dakota Access to another Energy Partners Transfer project crossing near my home: The Rover Pipeline. Expect daily updates on this unfolding story.

27 April—Trump’s “Buy American” Order Looks Weak as DAPL Co. Pushes Back.
26 April—Company pushes back on Trump’s ‘Buy American’ mandate.
25 April—One family’s battle against the pipeline.
24 April—Judge Says DAPL Company Can Hide Spill Risks From Public.
23 April—DAPL: A Native American Perspective.
22 April—Dakota Access Pipeline to start interstate service May 14.
21 April—In New Jersey, The Pilgrim Pipeline Battle Is Brewing.
20 April—Indian nations face social, spiritual challenges from unhealed trauma.
19 April—Texans Concerned Over Pipeline CEO’s Role On Parks Commission.
18 April—DAKOTA ACCESS: No end in sight for courtroom battle.
17 April—The Land Beneath the Lake.
16 April—The Dakota Access Pipeline and Why People Protest.
15 April—…law enforcement, Keystone XL …foes prepare for possible protests.
14 April—Portland Votes to Divest from All Corporations.

13 April—Minnesota House Wants Oil Pipeline to Skirt Regulator
12 April—Dakota Access Changed Tribes’ Outlook on Energy Companies…
11 April—Nebraska waters at risk in pipeline expansion.
10 April—Anti-Pipeline Tribes Worry Enviros Are ‘Tokenizing’ American Indians.
9 April—Dakota Access fight provides blueprint for pipeline protests.
8 April—Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance.
7 April—Attorneys for… Dakota Access pipeline face religious argument…
6 April—Bruised But Not Broken, Dakota Access Line Foes Turn to Keystone.
5 April—Native American lecture Saturday at First Congregational Church.
4 April—Oil Is Officially Running Through the Dakota Access Pipeline.
3 April—Protesters Ready to Put ‘Bodies on the Line’ to Block… Pipeline.
2 April—Norwegian Bank DNB Sells Its Share of Dakota Pipeline Funding.
1 April—North Dakota spill bigger than expected.
31 March—Veterans Vow Fight Against Dakota Access Pipeline Isn’t Over.
30 March—Pipeline opponents tell QVCC students to ‘be the change you want.’
29 March—5 Water Warriors Defending Rights from North Dakota to Chile.
28 March—Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in… victory for divestment push.
27 March—A New Controversy Rises As Oil Begins To Flow Through DAPL.
26 March—Indigenous Storytelling and Law Symposium speaks to optimism…

25 March—Aftermath of DAPL protest continues for farmers & ranchers.
24 March—Standing Rock Chairman Speaks Out Against Pro-DAPL Rumors.
23 March—Next Steps in Battle Against Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines.
22 March—San Francisco Votes to Divest $1.2 Billion from Dakota Access.
\170224 native nations march camp washington dc
bill moyers & company climate change global warming


In the past I’ve asked if the DAPL protest could become this century’s Wounded Knee. I’m now thinking that Tienanmen Square might be the better comparison. Thankfully, there was no loss of life during this phase—ended on Thursday, 23 February 2017—of the protests by We The People.

Ohio and Cuyahoga County Actions: Join the Ohio Pipeline Task Force.

[Update @ 0634 on 10 March: Memphis denies permit for march against Dakota pipeline.]

[Update @ 0647 on 8 March: Standing Rock fight comes to Washington for multiday protest.]

[Update @ 0645 on 7 March: Dakota Access Demonstrators Inspire New Pipeline Protests.]

[Update @ 0643 on 4 March: Suppressed memo shows many failings in Corps review of Dakota Access plan.]

[Update @ 0819 on 28 February: Once more into the legal breach—Judge to Hear Arguments on Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Work.]

[Update@ 0640 on 27 February: Small groups of dedicated people will make the difference—Local activists urge community to do their part to actively oppose Dakota Access Pipeline.]

[Update @ 0512 on 26 February: The protesters are gone, the camp is closed but the fight continues—Dakota protesters regroup, plot resistance to other pipelines.]

[Update @ 0616 on 25 February: I served for six years in the Ohio Army National Guard after my five-year tour in the United States Navy. I have to wonder, what the feck was the Guard helping to clear out the Standing Rock encampment?—Police remove last Standing Rock protesters in military-style takeover.]

[Update @ 0527 on 24 February: While most protesters left peacefully, a few remained and were removed by militarized police forces. The struggle continues—Standing Rock is burning, but our resistance isn’t over.] —More…


  • Earth’s Oceans Are Steadily Warming
  • The Republicans Who Want Trump to Fight Climate Change: Meet the “eco-right.”
  • Congressional Candidate Shot with Rubber Bullet While Interviewing DAPL Protestors
  • DAPL protests hit home with metro Atlantans
  • Meet the Texas billionaire and company behind the DAPL
  • Meet The Young People Who Are Standing Up Against The DAPL
  • Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Should Face the Music
  • Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral
  • The coral die-off crisis is a climate crime and Exxon fired the gun
  • A World At War
  • Climate models are accurately predicting ocean and global warming
  • Pacific islands nations consider world’s first treaty to ban fossil fuels

  • We’re all climate change deniers at heart
  • break free 160505break free 160505b

    Matt Leonard emails:


    In 2016, the fossil fuel industry faces an existential crisis.

    Every country in the world has now agreed to tackle the issue of climate change, historically low prices have sent the industry into a financial tailspin, and two consecutive years of record global temperatures have galvanized support for climate action. There has never been a better moment to confront the fossil fuel industry and break its hold on our economy.

    This May, organizers on every continent are planning a global wave of mass actions to leverage this moment—to break free from fossil fuels and spark a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

    Along with partners around the world, we announced the Break Free 2016 mobilization as the Paris Climate Summit was wrapping up in December.

    In the United States, the Break Free mobilization will be a series of actions from coast to coast to take on the industry and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

    Break Free isn’t like anything we’ve ever done before. It’s a network of independently-organized actions to keep fossil fuels in the ground. It’s escalated, but more than just a handful of protest veterans. It’s a mass mobilization, but not just happening in one place at one time. It’s global, but grassroots-driven.

    In Albany, New York, a coalition of groups from across the region will take on an oil-by-rail terminal that pumps pollution into the homes of the city’s poorest residents; in Colorado, activists will take a stand to say that it’s time to keep all publicly-owned oil and gas underground; in Los Angeles, community members will call for a fracking ban—and so much more.

    Each of these actions will help escalate a critical fossil fuel fight that’s already underway. Around the country, communities impacted by fossil fuels have been fighting and winning local battles for months, years, and sometimes decades—from Native peoples’ resistance to pipeline infrastructure in the Midwest, to the frontline-led battle to stop fracking in California’s Central Valley, to the kayak blockades that stopped Shell’s Arctic drilling rig in Seattle last year.

    Now, we all have an opportunity to step up and join in.

    By confronting the power of the fossil fuel industry, we can create space for something better to grow in its place—clean energy, local solutions, and a just transition to a new kind of economy.

    By coordinating our escalation across the planet this May, we can show the fossil fuel industry that they have no place left to run: the world is through with their pollution, their corruption, and their greed.

    Together, we can make this a turning point.

    Here we go,

    for the team and all of our allies and partners across the country

    Thelma Young emails:


    On Wednesday we brought together movement voices from 3 different continents to discuss why this May will be a critical time to Break Free from fossil fuels.

    Nnimmo Bassey from Helping Our Mother Earth Foundation in Nigeria, Nicole Oliveira from 350 Brasil, and’s Managing Director Payal Parekh led the conversation — if you weren’t able to join the web workshop you can watch the recording below.

    Over the coming weeks and months there will be many more chances to discuss the project and the future of the movement, but here are some of the big questions we covered during this talk:

    What can people do who can’t go to the action locations? How can they still help and be a part of this?

    • Everyone is needed: our goal is to share inspiring stories of communities resisting fossil fuel development and let local activists know they aren’t alone in this struggle.If you can’t participate directly, sharing the stories of everyone on the frontlines is essential to our shared success.

    • Also, in a few days we will have a system up online where anyone can propose an action that matches the vision of what Break Free is about. This is the moment to step up our commitment to ending the fossil fuel industry and build something in its place — if you know of an action in May that matches this vision, it can still be added to the push.

    • And, of course, the movement continues after May — this is an ongoing struggle that will require your participation many times in the future.

    What would success look like?

    • The world’s attention is drawn towards the need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy. People around the world are inspired by a wave of powerful mobilisations to engage more in the movement.

    Will there be training and support for the actions? Can people participate who’ve never done civil disobedience before?

    • Each national mobilization is arranging for their own training and support structures — but generally, yes, this is the right moment for new people to be joining in to actions like this. We need you now more than ever.

    • There is room for everyone: even if you can’t join on the front lines of the action this time, there will be crucial support roles to be filled.

    • Globally, there is a growing network of organizations and activists that will make sure that the eye of worldwide public attention is directed at all the events unfolding this May.

    Much more is coming soon. If you want to share updates from your area, post online and use #keepitintheground—I’ll be keeping my eye on that hashtag for great things to share.

    Thank you for all your work,


  • Keep Carbon In The Ground…

    Podcast No. 1: Keep It In The Ground.
    Podcast No. 2: An Angle.
    Podcast No. 3: The Targets.
    Podcast No. 4: Risks.
    Podcast No. 5: Economics.

    Podcast Addendum No,. 1: Interview with Jonathan Porritt.

    For more than 10 years of stories from Have Coffee Will Write on environmental issues see: Environment; Fracking; and Global Warming/Climate Change.


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