Or now, I’m thinking Tienanmen Square? Thankfully, there was no loss of life during this phase—ended on Thursday, 23 February 2017—of the protests by We The People.

[Update @ 0422 on 23 February: In many indigenous cultures fire is the great cleansing force—Remnants of Dakota Access oil pipeline protest camp go up in flames.]

170222 dapl closing

[Update @ 0600 on 22 February: Hey, we won the west, right?—Interior Department Produced Memo On Dakota Access Pipeline That Trump Doesn’t Want Public To Read.]

[Update @ 0555 on 21 February: Will the end be peaceful or Tienanmen Square?—As Construction Near Standing Rock Restarts, Pipeline Fights Flare Across the U.S..]

[Update @ 0548 on 20 February: Oh shit! That didn’t take long. In North Dakota, profit and graft trump the U.S. Constitution—North Dakota Senators Approve Bills Targeting DAPL Protests.]

[Update @ 1416 on 19 February: The 1st Amendment still counts in North Dakota—Judge dismisses charges against 3 Dakota Access protesters.]

[Update @ 0315 on 18 February: short term profits, a lifetime’s worth, ought not to trump generations of damage—How will native tribes fight the Dakota Access Pipeline in court?]

[Update @ 0545 on 17 February: President Donald John Trump wishes he were The Duke—Dakota Access pipeline continues America’s oldest narrative: Cowboys vs. Indians.]

[Update @ 0321 on 16 February: I’m sure that executives at Energy Transfer Partners are asking their version of the question How many divisions does the pope of Rome have? —Pope Francis appears to back tribal land rights in Dakota Access pipeline fight.]

[Update @ 0354 on 15 February: What we saw, what we might have seen, what we ought to remember—Her lens on the frontlines.]

[Update @ 0550 on 14 February: My brothers and sisters in arms carry on their fight—Veterans at Standing Rock see police retribution after arrest and charges.]

[Update @ 0431 on 13 February: The United States District Court for the District of Columbia will hear arguments this afternoon—Judge to hear arguments on Dakota Access pipeline work.]

[Update @ 0449 on 12 February: Honorable and proud veterans are again standing up at Standing Rock—Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police.]

[Update @ 0554 on 11 February: Could, asks Robinson Meyer, religious freedom and Hobby Lobby block the black snake? Maybe—The Last-Ditch Attempt to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.]

[Update @ 0635 on 10 February: A tiny stream begins on our property that feeds into the Rocky River which flows into Lake Erie. I cannot imagine the horrible consequences of dumping more than half a million gallons of oil into that stream. Miles and miles of parkland would be poisoned. Untold numbers of wildlife would be killed. We would never allow a pipeline to be built in this watershed. So, why do we allow this—Dakota Access Pipeline Approved a Week After Co-Owner’s Pipeline Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil in Texas.]

[Update @ 0519 on 9 February: In the great words of John Blutarsky Nothing is over until we decide it isActivists Plan Emergency Actions Across the Country to Protest Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline.]

[Update @ 0532 on 8 February: On the list of bad banks—see above regarding the 6 February meeting of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, and below for 4 February—Wells Fargo leaps out to Americans as the worst of the worst, which is why they’re the target of much of the heat—Seattle Just Divested Billions From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline, Minneapolis and others are ready to follow.]

[Update @ 0512 on 7 February: We appear to be reaching a nexus on DAPL protests but—Standing Rock Sioux want ‘no forcible removal’ of protesters from Dakota Access pipeline site.]

[Update @ 0525 on 6 February: Protests far, far away from Standing Rock continue—Protesters march against Dakota Access Pipeline at Pershing Square.]

At last evening’s meeting—6 February—of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, several people asked for a list of which banks are involved in funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Common Dreams offered this list last Friday:

The 17 banks directly funding the construction of the DAPL are:

  • Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ,
  • BayernLB,
  • BBVA,
  • BNP Paribas,
  • Citigroup,
  • Crédit Agricole,
  • DNB ASA,
  • ICBC,
  • ING,
  • Intesa Sanpaolo,
  • Mizuho Bank,
  • Natixis,
  • SMBC,
  • Société Générale,
  • SunTrust Robinson Humphrey,
  • TD Bank and
  • Wells Fargo.
  • [Update @ 1237 on 5 February: I’m certain that President Donald John Trump wishes he could call on the 7th Cavalry, but he’ll just have to make do—Trump administration sends law enforcement to help clear Dakota Access protesters from site.]

    [Update @ 0520 on 4 Februar: Happening today: The No DAPL Cleveland Rally. Please check, is your bank on the list?—Over 700,000 People Demand Banks Stop Financing the Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0523 on 3 February: Crying terrorist/terrorism cannot be a get-out-of-responsibility-free card for governments or corporations, regardless of how much they wish that were so—Dakota Access Says Suit Docs Could Aid Terrorist Attack.]

    [Update @ 0646 on 2 February: Nearly 700 protesters have been arrested at Standing Rock. Yesterday that number increased by 76—Over 70 arrested at Standing Rock as Dakota Access aims to finish pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0439 on 1 February: Someone needs to tell King Mob II President Donald Trump that he’s not really a monarchAdministration Orders Easement For Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0518 on 31 January: President Donald John Trump thinks expedite means cut, or completely ignore, corners and deliver what he wants, now—Trump Ordered An Expedited Dakota Access Pipeline Review, But Feds Don’t Know How Long It Will Take.]

    [Update @ 0802 on 30 January: President Donald John Trump has petroleum executives popping Champagne corks—The Oil And Gas Situation—DAPL Flood Concerns, Review Act Game Changer Arise.]

    [Update @ 0612 on 29 January: The protests against the Dakota Access Pipe line (and petroleum pipe lines in general) continue to grow, despite harsh weather, and are become ubiquitous—Protesters gather in Tulsa to push back on Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0440 on 28 January: President Trump has chosen to confront a protest movement that is established, connected and populous, what could go wrong? —It’s ‘more than just clean water now’: Utah activists protest Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0641 on 27 January: Our resistance is growing—Standing Rock Sioux, ‘we can’t back down now’ on Dakota pipeline fight]

    170126 chicagoist

    [Update @ 0543 on 26 January: President Donald Trump has done more to invigorate environmentalist around the world than President Ronald Reagan (and Secretary of the Interior James Watt* ever did—Dakota Access Pipeline Foes: We Aren’t Done Fighting Yet. *I strongly expect that Time is going to have to seriously update this list in the coming months.]

    [Update @0712 on 25 January: Well, that certainly didn’t take long—Standing Rock protests against Dakota access pipeline erupt anew as world focuses on Donald Trump because, Trump orders revival of Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. We dare not blink.]

    [Update @ 0543 on 24 January: So, the protests are over because of a siege?—Dakota Pipeline protests come to an end.]

    [Update @ 0535 on 23 January: Their land, their rules—North Dakota tribe formally calls on pipeline protesters to disperse.]

    [Update @ 1000 on 22 January: What happens in the coming days or weeks to the Dakota Access Pipeline will be a bellwether for the new president. His supporters are hopeful—Rep. Cramer says he expects Trump to approve Dakota Access Pipeline by next week.]

    [Update @ 0609 on 21 January: The poisoning of minority communities perceived to be vulnerable and helpless is most commonly associated with urban environments, but as I noted Monday, the DAPL falls under this rubric as well—Environmental Racism Is a Special and Urgent Concern.]

    [Update @ 0519 on 20 January: Not only is the fight over the Dakota Access Pipe Line far from over, the likelihood that the battle has not yet begun is a strong possibility in a Trump America. We need to know where we’ve come from, however, to know where we can go—Dakota Access Pipeline: The fight isn’t over.]

    [Update @ 0746 on 19 January: Dakota Access attempted to stop the environmental study by the United States Army Corps of Enginners. US District Judge James E. Boasberg said nope—Army Gets OK For Enviro Review Of Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0614 on 18 January: OK, just what the fuck do they think they’re going to shoot down—National Guard Deploys Missile Launchers to Dakota Access Pipeline to ‘Observe’ Protestors.]

    [Update @ 0533 on 17 January: Environmental Racism is the idea that corporations, knowing that their facilities or byproducts of production present environmental and health hazards, locate these dangerous operations in communities the least likely to muster real opposition. This, in part, helps to explain why petroleum pipe lines pass through Indian lands—Wisconsin Tribe Votes to Evict Oil Pipeline From Its Reservation.]

    [Update @ 0636 on 16 January: This has to be the most outrageous yet accurate lede I’ve ever seen—In response to numerous complaints by North Dakota citizens about protesters blocking traffic, lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow motorists to run them over without consequence. So, bill sponser Keith Kempenich wants to create special permission for vehicular homicide. Does it count if they don’t tap the brakes Keith?]

    [Update @ 0640 on 15 January: One of my mantras is the only correct response to objective speech is more speech. LaWanna Durbin letter is right on point—Letter: Standing Rock, oil spills.]

    [Update @ 0430 on 14 January: What is the The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and why have there not previously been regulations requiring a system to detect leaks and regularly schedule inspections? At least now there are—U.S. pipeline regulator completes rule to boost safety standards.]

    [Update @ 0430 on 13 January: In Washington County, Ohio, where I grew up, there were a lot of oil wells and nearly every farmer had some tale to share about oil companies promising the moon and delivering sludge—Lawsuit accuses Dakota Access of misleading landowners.]

    [Update @ 0557 on 12 January: If you’ve made the mistake of thinking that petroleum pipe lines are safe, consider this—New Report Cites 144 Total Pipeline Accidents in Louisiana Last Year.]


    [Update @ 0624 on 11 January: Tribe, corps side against Dakota Access Pipeline in court claim on permits. Good on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but what changed for them?]

    [Update @ 0437 on 10 January: The DAPL battle is not an Indian fight, the DAPL is a We The People fight—Kaepernick donates $50K to help free clinic for those fighting Dakota Access Pipeline. Good on you Mr. Kaepernick.]

    [Update @ 0527 on 9 January: I mentioned the connection between Dr. King and Standing Rock yesterday. Others are making the obvious connection as well—King legacy to be honored at Peninsula College; Standing Rock protesters, film will be featured.]

    [Update @ 0505 on 8 January: As we approach Martin Luther King day, I like to remember what I think of as his greatest legacy, not the I have A Dream Speech that so many remember, bu his Letter From Birmingham Jail. I think that he would join these two DAPL protestors if he were alive today—More Dakota Access Pipeline protesters arrested.]

    [Update @ 0726 on 7 January: Understanding the economics behind the Dakota Access Pipeline is vital in the fight to stop the profiteering—Energy Transfer Equity Investors Shrugged Off the Dakota Access Pipeline Decision in December]

    [Update @ 0432 on 6 January: The case of Sophia Wilansky has moved to federal court with a grand jury hearing evidence of the events of 21 November—Federal grand jury looks into violent clash at Dakota Access pipeline protest]


    [Update @ 0604 on 5 January: Winter was tough for the Occupy protesters in Cleveland’s Public Square four years ago, but what they endured was nothing compared to what protesters at Standing Rock face—Dakota Pipeline Protesters, Nearby Residents Brace For 2017.]

    [Update @ 0521 on 4 January: The Dakota Access Pipe Line is just one of several such projects across the United States that are, will continue to be, protested by effected peoples—Ten Indigenous and Environmental Struggles, and How You Can Help in 2017]

    [Update @ 0411 on 3 January: I haven’t watched the Tournament of Roses Parade for three decades or more, but a lot of people do, which made this protest very effective—No DAPL Hits Rose Parade in Big Numbers to Welcome New Year.]


    [Update @ 0412 on 2 January: Colin Kaepernick and Rodney Axson, and dozens of other athletes, brought politics back to sports in 2016. New Year’s day saw the continuation of that connection—Dakota Access Pipeline protesters unfurl banner during NFL game.]

    [Update @ 0543 on 1 January: When people start talking about being reasonable, what they’re really saying is act in a way that I can ignore, control and defeat—Pipeline protests should be within reason.]

    [Update @ 0424 on 31 December: While the 2016 elections, and the political turmoil that resulted, will be this years top story, there continue to be other vital news as in—2016 Top Stories: Pipelines in the Spotlight.]


    [Update @ 0439 on 30 December: As I said yesterday, if you want to alter the course of a corporation, appealing to ethics and morality has no value, you have to target the bottom line—Standing Rock activists eye pipeline finances to cement Dakota Access win.]

    [Update @ 0631 on 29 December: While moral and ethical arguments are good, they only work on those who place those arguments above economic arguments. That is why talking money works so well—Investors Delay $2 Billion Purchase of Dakota Access Pipeline Stake.]

    [Update @ 0547 on 28 December: This is, of course, the question—How much will really change for the West’s oil and gas industry under Trump? My observation at this point is that the change will not be a carbon-industry wet dream, but still bad enough to give those who would like to leave their grandchildren a livable planet nightmares.]

    [Update @ 0536 on 27 December: Sierra Club: FHB Losing $700K Due to Link with Pipeline. What is the best, Green, alternative to a bank that doesn’t give a shit?]

    [Update @ 0425 on 26 December: Trump may be on the cover of Time, but I think the DAPL protesters are more deserving—Months-long Dakota Access pipeline protest tops year in news]

    [Update @ 0634 on 25 December: Take the day, breathe and remember the fight never ends—We face a long, hard resistance. Take inspiration from these movements already in the fight.]

    [Update @ 0557 on 24 December: Dakota Access pipeline protest tops year in North Dakota news. I can’t remember the last time that news from North Dakota had my attention. I’m sure that the citizens of the state are not happy that the rest of us are paying attention to them for this particular reason.]


    [Update @ 0314 on 23 December: When we only view the world through our GPS screen we lose the perspective that a globe, or an atlas or simply a map can provide—This Map Shows Why the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Isn’t Over (Warning: very annoying—and totally unrelated—autoplay video in link).]

    [Update @ 0349 on 22 December: I made the connection between events at Standing Rock and those of Wounded Knee early on. Now, Chase Iron Eyes is making the connection even more directly—‘This Is Our Ghost Dance.’ Standing Rock Sioux Will Continue Their Dakota Access Pipeline Battle.]

    [Update @ 0445 on 21 December: I know Athens county well. I grew up one county over and lived there for four years while earning my undergraduate degree at Ohio University and a brother-in-law still lives there, so there was no surprise this morning when I read about Joe DePalma and John Gutekanst in Locals do their part at Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0502 on 20 December: Yes, Donald John Trump is now officially the President-Elect of The United States of America, but some voted differently, really differently—Meet Faith Spotted Eagle, who received one Washington state elector’s presidential vote.]

    [Update @ 0600 on 19 December: I mostly try to keep these updates to single stories, but there are always a dozen or so to pull from. This morning, however, I reduced the number to a troika and couldn’t decide which two to eliminate so, enjoy—Massive 2013 Oil Spill in North Dakota Still Not Cleaned Up; Countering false news no easy task and Nearly 1,000 DAPL Protesters Remain At Standing Rock Despite Harsh Winter Conditions.]


    [Update @ 0539 on 18 December: When eminent domain crossed over from serving the public good to serving the corporate good, we went down a very wrong path, as farmers in Iowa are learning—Judge hears landowners’ challenge to Dakota Access pipeline.]

    [Update @ 0424 on 17 December: Trumpists are learning they have less to sound off about than they thought they would—Iowans Make U-Turn Against Trump In Dakota Access Pipeline Fight.]

    [Update @ 0503 on 16 December: Of course the NSA’s 21st century version of COINTELPRO is being used against the Water Protectors—EFF is gathering data on illegal surveillance of Dakota Access Pipeline water protectors]

    [Update @ 0526 on 15 December: As I, and everyone else, expected, Rick Perry has deep financial ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hen house meet fox—Rick Perry’s Dakota Access Pipeline business entanglements. President-elect Donald Trump seems bent on rubbing the noses of everyone who didn’t vote for him in his shit and daring us to do something about it.]

    [Update @ 0533 on 14 December: Rick Perry? Fucking, I-can’t-remember-the-third-department-I’d-cut (Hint: he’s about to become the head of the agency he couldn’t remember) RICK PERRY? Yes, that Rick Perry—Trump’s Pick for Energy Secretary Sits on Board of Dakota Access Pipeline Company. We should not doubt for a moment that each and every Trump selection will, despite the Republican posturing, sail through the confirmation hearings and be prepared to rape, pillage and plunder on day one.]

    [Update @ 0517 on 13 December: This is precisely why those gathered in the Standing Rock DAPL protest camp are doing what they do—Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp. Consider what that oil would do in the Missouri River.]

    [Update at 0356 on 12 December: Is there a media blackout for events in Standing Rock? Perhaps—Dakota Access Pipeline: Behind the ‘media blackout’]

    [Update at 0545 on 11 December: Offering solutions is a critical part of opposing injustice in or a threat to your community. The Sioux Nation clearly understands that imperative—Amid Dakota Access Protests, Tribes Continue to Pursue Clean Energy.]

    [Update at 0425 on 10 December: Clearly, lawlessness is in the eye of billionaire class—Lawless Bureaucratic Obstruction Is No Substitute for the Rule of Law in the Dakota Access Decision.]

    [Update at 0557 on 9 December: What’s Next For The Dakota Access Pipeline? Good question.]


    [Update at 0429 on 8 December: Winters are long and cold in the Dakotas, but the DAPL protesters are tough—Dakota Access protesters dig in for winter. I supported the Occupy protesters in Cleveland by cooking and delivering meals to those living in public square. I need to think about how I can do the same for those at Standing Rock.]

    [Update at 0534 on 7 December: Understanding the thinking of those who hold views of reality different than our own is important because our views are, in many instances relative, and we need to think about what we are relative too. In that spirit I commend to my readers—What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About. Even if you think the argument is pure, evil bullshit, you still need to consider what that is.]

    [Update at 0525 on 6 December: The initial celebration has died down and we need to understand how this victory came about—In Dakota Access pipeline controversy, Obama’s ties to tribes played pivotal role—before the inevitable shit hits the fan in January.]

    [Update at 0430 on 5 December: What great news to start of the work week: Army will not grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline crossing. According to Army Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy:

    Although we have had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it’s clear that there’s more work to do. The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing.

    This doesn’t shut down the pipeline, but we now have breathing room to do the necessary work to shut the DAPL for good. We must remain vigilant. We must not look away]

    [Update at 0523 on 4 December: This is how the slaughter at Tienanmen Square began—Showdown Looms at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest as Vets, Civil Rights Observers Converge Before Evacuation Deadline—and that is under President Obama. Under President Trump? Trump Declares Support For Dakota Access Pipeline Ahead Of Evacuation Order Against Protesters. Don’t look away.]

    DAPL from December 2014 to December 2016

    [Update @ 0514 on 3 December: Just as they did during the Vietnam war and numerous other public calls for the country we risked all for—Veterans Offer Relief To Protesters Of Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update at 0428 on 2 December: Time magazine weighs in on the DAPL story with—The Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Is the Future of Environmental Activism.]

    [Update at 0525 on 1 December: So, which banks are financing the Dakota Access Pipeline? Bank Talk—JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo are just two of a number of major banks acting as lenders for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project.]

    [Update at 0518 on 30 November: I agree with Russell Begaye—Navajo President Calls for Obama to Intervene on Dakota Access Pipeline. President Obama can’t do much in his remaining days, but he can still take actions to help seal his legacy for the good.]

    [Update @ 0532 on 29 November: The colonized are fighting back—How Indigenous Activists in Norway Got the First Bank to Pull Out of the Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update at 0521 on 28 November: The number of protesters at Standing Rock has grown into five figures, and they’re not going anywhere—DAPL Protesters Won’t Be Removed, But Authorities Issue A Confusing Warning. Why am I not surprised at the confusing of the authorities?]

    [Update at 0516 on 27 November: Who are the people attacking protesters at Standing Rock? Don’t think peace officers, think Blackwater. Unlicensed #DAPL Guards Attacked Water Protectors with Dogs & Pepper Spray.]

    [Update at 0536 on 26 November: The headline tells the story—Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger Removed From Office At Standing Rock DAPL Protest For Alleged Bullying And Militant Police Actions. About time.]

    [Update at 0426 on 25 November: The cameras are rolling around the world—‘Everyone needs to see what’s going on’ Alaskan DAPL protester describes events at Standing Rock. Don’t look away.]

    [Update at 0548 on 24 November: Here’s the nut about veterans, we are as diverse as any population and you cannot stereotype us—Veterans Plan “Deployment” to Join Water Protectors’ Battle Against DAPL]

    [Update at 0506 on 23 November: I think that most people are focusing on protecting water and keeping carbon in the ground, but first the protests were about desecration of sacred ground. We wouldn’t build a pipeline through a military cemetery—How the archaeological review behind the Dakota Access Pipeline went wrong. Then there is the story of Sophia Wilansky.]

    [Update at 0313 on 22 November: In the ’80s I carried a Shell Discredit Card in protest of Royal Dutch Shell’s support of Apartheid in South Africa. I didn’t buy gas from a Shell station for the next 30 years. My regular stop for gas these days is a Sunoco station at the intersection of Wallings and State roads here in North Royalton. In fact, I filled up there yesterday. That will be the last time for a very long time because I read this morning: Sunoco Logistics to combine with Dakota Access Pipeline builders Energy Transfer Partners.]

    [Update at 0408 on 21 November: Overnight DAPL protesters were reportedly attacked with water cannon, concussion grenades and rubber bullets. reports—Police, Protesters Face off at Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update at 0520 on 20 November: A free and independent press cannot perform the vital task of supporting an informed electorate when the elected government places barriers between those who would report and the news—Journalists run obstacle course to tell Dakota Access story.]

    [Update at 0449 on 19 November: Our legal representatives can’t be asked to listen to disturbing testimony can they? ND lawmakers nix tribal address over pipeline protest concerns. Hell yes they can.]

    [Update at 0428 on 18 November: So, will our president-elect profit from building the Dakota Access Pipeline? Of course he will. Trump’s stake in the Dakota access pipeline builder: a conflict of interest?]

    [Update at 0411 on 17 November: This is precisely the response I hoped for following the election of Donald Trump. Americans would have gone back to sleep if he had lost, but now we are awake and woke. Savannahians join in national protest of Dakota Access Pipeline.]

    [Update at 0405 on 16 November: We have to ask, is this a delaying tactic until 20 January? Army Wants Further Study Of Dakota Access Pipeline Route. Sadly, I think that is the case. If the DAPL is to be stopped, I fear local action may be the only option unless President Barack Hussein Obama steps up.]

    [Update at 0541 on 15 Novmeber: This Government Agency Has the Power to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Will It? When white North Dakotans saw that the DAPL would cross the Missouri River upstream from them, they complained and the pipeline was moved downstream to Indian lands. Do you see the theme here?]

    [Update at 0448 on 14 November: 165-year-old treaty at center of Dakota Access protest. The record of treaties between Indians and our federal government is shameful. I just don’t get why anyone believes our government when a promise is made.]

    [Update at 1940 on 13 November: The protests are spreading—Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline March Through the Streets of Phoenix, Dakota Access Pipeline protests growing in Grants Pass, Chattanooga protest sheds light on Dakota Access pipeline controversy, Dakota pipeline protesters dig in as Trump nears Oval Office and Students walk out of class to protest Trump, Dakota Access oil pipeline.]

    [Update at 0550 on 12 November: I have to wonder why Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the DAPL, is pushing so hard against protesters when the company’s CEO, is confident that president-elect Donald Trump will makes all his problems go away?]

    [Update at 0441 on 11 November: With more than 7 billion people living 86,400 seconds in each turn of the globe, we’re going to miss a lot of shit. That’s just reality. So, I’m not upset by this headline in the Seattle Times, but the point is well taken: There’s a reason few even knew the Dakota Access Pipeline was being built.]

    [Update at 0504 on 10 November: So, this story—Stop construction on all proposed pipelines, not just Dakota Access—highlights a challenge with shutting down the DAPL: real people are doing real work to put real food on their real families’ tables. When we halt environmentally dangerous construction we’re talking money out of the mouths of workers families and we must ensure that alternatives are available. We can’t just say sorry, go find other work. We have a moral obligation to find or create that other work. If we don’t, we add fuel to the fire of rage that gave us our result on Tuesday night.]

    [Update at 0646 on 9 November: The Dakota Access Pipeline is no longer just a state or national story. Global Environmental Groups Band Together to Oppose Dakota Access Pipeline. ]

    [Update at 0416 on 8 November: Yea Norway! Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ bank may withhold loans over Dakota Access pipeline issues.]

    [Update at 0717 on 5 November: From perhaps the most conservative corner of Ohio comes news that: Cincinnati City Council members have sent a strongly-worded letter to Ohio Gov. John Kasich demanding the recall of 37 state troopers from the escalating Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota.

    Update at 0451 on 5 November: I learned of the petition demanding that Gov. John Kasich recall the 37 Ohio State Troopers from North Dakota yesterday while listening to The Sound of Ideas. As of this morning some 41,000 signatures, including my own, have been added to the petition. I also wrote directly to our governor (below).]

    [Originally posted on 3 November.]

    On 29 December 1890, elements of the infamous 7th Cavalry surrounded and massacred an estimated 300 native Americans near Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota.

    On 27 February 1973, some 200 Oglala Sioux (supported by members of the American Indian Movement, including Russell Means—whom I was honored to meet in 1996) occupied the town of Wounded Knee, South Dakota and held off FBI and US Marshalls for 71 days in protest of corruption and mistreatment of Indians (the term Means preferred over Native Americans) and their lands.

    On 15 November 2016, dozens? hundreds? perhaps thousands? (tens of thousands?) of Americans of all heritages will converge on Standing Rock, North Dakota to protest the despoilment of Indian lands and heritage by efforts to construct the Dakota Access Pipleline.

    This could become our 21st Century Wounded Knee.

    The Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus is encouraging those who can make the road trip to Standing Rock to sign up with organizers in Ohio:

    Trip to Standing Rock Indian Reservation—Fill this out ONLY if you’re seriously considering heading out to Standing Rock Indian Reservation following the campaign. First group is leaving November 11th from Columbus. Understand that you may face jail time as well as physical injury. Driving time is 18 hours and 17 minutes from Columbus. For more information including directions, camping information, and frequently asked questions go here. A second form will be sent out when you confirm that you are able to attend.

    The CCPC also encourages Ohioans to let our failed presidential candidate and Governor know that his decision to send 37 Ohio State Troopers to Standing Rock is not only a bad political idea, but also a morally indefensible action. Please let Gov. Kasich know, as I did, how you feel about his poor judgment.

    I wrote:

    Good morning Gov. Kasich,

    Sending Ohio State Troopers to North Dakota is undoubtedly the worst idea that an Ohio Governor has had since Gov. Rhodes sent the Ohio National Guard to Kent State.

    Your decision is morally indefensible.

    You must recall these troopers immediately.

    Do all you can to make today a better day.

    Jeff Hess
    Have Coffee Will Write

    Go to Standing Rock if you can. If you can’t, write to Gov. Kasich and take part in local protests.

    Here are the national and Ohio links to find your closest headquarters for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    Step up.

    Do all you can to make today, and every day, better.

    Meanwhile, over at The Guardian, Ladonna Bravebull Allard asks an excellent question: Why do we punish Dakota pipeline protesters but exonerate the Bundys?

    Could the case be that America still roots for favors the cowboys over the Indians?

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