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Me, as drawn by The Pearl Of The Orient’s sushi chef as a way to let bartender and host Scott Bakalar know on whose tab to put the excellent sushi I enjoyed during the Meet The Bloggers fundraiser.

My 15 seconds of fame.

Still more seconds.

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8 May 2007
13.7 gallons @ $3.10 gallon

I’m a feckin’ Tedhead

21 Responses to “ME…”

  1. Harry says:

    Just wanted to let you know about my new website and to inform you that I’ve linked to your blog from it. The link is under the “Ohio Political Blogs” section on the left hand side.

    Please check out my site–and if you like what you see–consider posting about it or putting a link on your blog. Any assistance you can provide in getting word out about my new site (it’s iffy as to whether it’s considered a blog or not, from what I can tell) will be much appreciated.

  2. Hello!

    I just want to write to tell you how much I enjoy your content on, and to let you know about my new Ohio politics blog.

    At, we present the day’s political news in a “taking sides” format. One blogger is a liberal Dem, and the other a moderate Republican. We’re both law students at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (thus the “punditeers” distinction). Together, we present our opinions and analysis on the issues facing Ohio and the country, and invite our readers to find their own truth in the middle.

    We recognize the important contribution your site makes to the political conversation in Ohio, and we’d like to be a part of it. If there is any way we might link to your site, and have your list us as a “friend,” post a link to our blog, or (if our content is worthy) use our information on occasion, we’d really appreciate it.

    Please check out out site, and If you’d like more information, please feel free to email me and I’ll gladly talk with you more about our project. All the best, and I look forward to your response!


  3. HI says:

    Hi, I would like to use the image menorah on my site, is it ok if I download it and modify it, as long as the picture is yours


  4. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Natan,

    Which menorah would that be?



  5. Judy C says:

    Love the new design – miss seeing you on twitter.

  6. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Judy,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    After experimenting with half a dozen of the social networking tools, I’ve cut back to one: Linkedin.

    I found Twitter to be too addictive and distracting to my work.



  7. […] example for this reason comes courtesy of Jeff Hess of Have Coffee Will Write.  In the letter below, Barack Obama puts into writing, and very specific […]

  8. Vikki says:

    I was at the Phoenix on Lee Rd and saw a sign about a Philosophy group over a month ago on Wednesdays. I asked about it last night and they no longer had the sign, but said to contact you through your blog site. Could you give me more info about it?

    Vikki Broida

  9. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Vikii,

    Thank you for asking about Socrates Cafe.

    I’ll be putting up the new signs tomorrow.

    We meet the second Tuesday of every month at the Mayfield Road Phoenix on the northwest corner of Green and Mayfield roads from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

    The Cleveland group first met in October 2002 and is the oldest continuing group.

    You can find more about us and the topics we’ve discussed on my blog.

    The goal of Socrates Cafe is to explore the question of the evening and engage in the conversation. We’ve never reached a conclusion, that’s not the point.

    I’ve added you to our mailing list and you will receive an invitation to next week’s gathering in the next couple of days. I hope to see you there.



  10. DJ Rickman says:

    Actually, the real writer is one who knows the difference between “it’s” and “its”. “It’s” is a contraction for “it is” while “its” is the third person possessive.

    Therefore: “Work is ITS own cure.”

  11. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom DJ,

    First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly, for taking the time to write a comment. Building community is all about our conversation.

    Are you British? I ask only because in the United States we would say third-person possessive. Here, a third-party refers to one not immediately involved. It’s useful when deciding whether to use between or among to describe an interaction. The former involves two parties or groups and the latter three or more parties or groups.

    Isn’t grammar fun?



  12. DJ Rickman says:

    Umm, no. I’m American.

    Sorry, I thought I said third party possessive. But, if I didn’t say that, I should have.

  13. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom DJ,

    No problem. I’m happy you came back. I hope you’ll find more to comment on in the future.



  14. steve rollins says:

    Did you live in Austin Tx in the 60’s? I was thinking about you today, you were crazy about sex and told us several times that when you were old enough your mom was going to let you move to a nudist colony.

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Shalom Steve,

      First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and most importantly, for taking the time to enter the discussion. We build our communities with our conversations.

      No. Sorry, as much as I would love to have been part of the Austin scene in the ’60s, I wasn’t that fortunate.



  15. Alexander McCan says:

    Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very much appreciated.

  16. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Alexander,

    I never see 99.9 percent of my spam because of the Spam that hits my blogs.

    Of the 0.01 percent that I do see, I trust my spidey sense and strip all of the links from the comment before I allow the text to post.

    In your case, what pegged my meter was your use of a generic website instead of personnel blog.

    Visit again, use the blog address instead of the generic, and you’ll have a better chance of going on the safe list.



  17. Colette says:

    My friend,

    I just wanted to let you know that my blog is coming up on it’s 8th anniversary and I thanked you personally in my post.

    You are a great observer and writer, Jeff. I am glad I have had the pleasure of knowing you over the years. We really do need to catch up over coffee one of these days. I am working down at CWRU now…maybe it will be easier to go grab some coffee or tea.


  18. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Colette,

    Mazel tov on your blogiversary.

    Coffee is always good. Suggest some dates and times.



  19. Indiana says:

    Can you please email me as your email you have included on here does not work thanks.

    Wanted quotes on writing something.



    • Jeff Hess says:

      Shalom Indiana,

      Since I don’t know any one in Perth, Australia (IP: , I’d like to know a bit more before I handout my email address. Have we met or know each other?



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