25 May 2016

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25 May 2016


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Bernie emails:

When we started this campaign, my greatest fear was that if we did not do well that it would be a setback not just for me, but for the ideas driving our campaign.

We had no campaign organization, no money, and very little name recognition. The corporate media called us “fringe,” we were taking on the entire Democratic establishment, and we were down 60 points or more in the national polls.

Then a supporter from Chicago, Illinois made the first contribution to our campaign—for $3. A few minutes later, $50 from a supporter in California, then $10 from someone in Georgia. A little more than 12 months later, I am humbled to share that our campaign has received more than 7.6 million contributions through April, more than any presidential candidate at this point in a campaign ever. And we’re just getting started.

Your support has powered us to 21 victories and a much larger lead against Donald Trump than Secretary Clinton’s campaign. So we’ve created a website to show everyone the depth and diversity of our political revolution. It’s very important that you visit and share it with everyone you know today.


Northeast Ohio For Bernie Sanders (headquartered at 11910 Detroit Avenue) emails:

First of all, thank you very much to our volunteers and to the numerous people who came by our booth last Saturday at Cleveland Vegfest. Also, a special thanks to our volunteers who traveled to West Virginia last weekend to help out with their GOTV efforts.

For a look at where our future is headed here at Northeast Ohio for Bernie Sanders, check out this article concerning the second prong of the Political Revolution.

For a look at what we’re up against at the convention check out Bernie’s letter to the DNC concerning the rigging of committees in Hillary’s favor at the Democratic National Convention.

Phone Calls and Postcards to Future Primary States:

West Side Location: Northeast Ohio for Bernie Office at 11910 Detroit Ave.; hours, M-Th 1-9 pm, Fri 1-6 pm, Sat 10 zm-6 pm, Sun 1-6 pm

East Side Location: Northeast Ohio for Bernie Office at 7901 Central Ave.; hours: M-Th 5-8 pm.

Facebook Page: Northeast Ohio for Bernie

Our offices in Lakewood and on the east side of Cleveland are now 100 percent volunteer funded. We need your help to stay open. Our fight is a marathon, not a sprint. Even though our primary is over, there’s still so much work to be done.

Please give whatever you can to help the political revolution keep fighting in Northeast Ohio.

Remember, it’s you who makes the political revolution happen. If you have any questions about anything above, please give me a call at (440) 220-1874.

Thanks and as always, keep Feeling the Bern!

In solidarity,

Steve Holecko

Yes, 10 reasons to vote for Bernie is a meme. H.A. Goodman writes:

  • The Iraq War. Sanders was on the right side of history.
  • The Keystone XL Pipeline. Bernie Sanders has always been against Keystone XL.
  • Euphemisms.
  • One candidate is the Charles Darwin of politics.
  • Presidential powers.
  • The TPP.
  • Clinton’s 3:00 a.m. ad and Racism.
  • I want a Democrat in the White House.
  • The DNC needs to end its fear of being too progressive.
  • Bernie Sanders is a “once in a lifetime candidate.”

Ten Reasons Why We’re Turning To Bernie Sanders:

  • 10) We’re angry as hell;
  • 9) We see him as a conduit for change rather than a miracle worker;
  • 8) It’s not just about the millennials;
  • 7) Climate change is an existential threat;
  • 6) We think it’s too late for baby steps;
  • 5) We’re demanding ‘revolutionary’ change;
  • 4) We’re suspicious of Clinton’s ties with Wall Street;
  • 3) Sanders’ consistency is judged a virtue;
  • 2) Clinton is viewed as more of the same;

And, most importantly.

  • 1) We see Bernie as a challenge to the status quo.

Candidate Ronald Reagan’s morning in America turned into a Republican nightmare.
Bernie Sanders is looking for the America they trashed.

Get your Bernie Sanders Volunteer Organizing Toolkit today. I did.
Find a local event…
I just finished reading the reissue of Bernie Sanders 1996 campaign biography Outsider in the (White) House. The book illustrates again and again why Bernie continues to fire up Americans sick and tired of holding their noses when they vote for the lesser of two evils.

Is Bernie Sanders a Wizard?

Is Trump? See Scott Adams’ The Trump Master Persuader Index and Reading List.

Read more about Bernie on HCWW… Watch Bernie TV… Read Democracy Daily

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bernie store

As of this morning, 30 April, I have given Bernie $800. How about you?

25 May 2016


0005 by Jeff Hess

top of mind

End Racism in America… Stop Global Warming… Free Raif Badawi…

25 May 2016


0600 by Jeff Hess

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23 May 2016


0700 by Jeff Hess

I’ve marked the next Groundhog Day (2 February 2017) on my calendar. Have you?

21 May 2016


0700 by Jeff Hess

There are laws in place to requiring broadcasters to answer that question, but commission tasked with enforcing that law has other priorities. Ralph Nader is not happy.

He writes:

The plain-spoken, public-spirited former Federal Communications Commissioner, Michael Copps, is indignant—and for good reason: The FCC is not enforcing the law requiring the “dark money” super PACs and other campaign cash conduits to reveal, on-the-air, the names of the real donors behind all political advertisements, which are now flooding the profitable radio and television airwaves.

It is bad enough that political ads far overwhelm political news stories. One study of the 2014 election campaign found Philadelphia stations gave 45 times more air time to political ads than they devoted to their news stories which were designed to inform viewers about the candidates. Political ads have become a huge cash cow for the television and radio stations that use OUR public airwaves free of charge. We citizens, who are the owners of the public airwaves, receive no rent payment from these tenants. (Thanks to a corrupted Congress!)

As Mr. Copps has written: Viewers watching these ads are provided a nice-sounding name, such as “Paid for by Citizens for Amber Waves of Grain,” and “nothing else, no hint of who put up the money; no clue as to the real agenda behind the message.” They could be chemical companies polluting our water, big arms manufacturers wanting more over-priced government contracts, or banks who are opposed to proper regulation of their consumer-gouging tactics and their risky speculation.

Years ago the FCC declared that the Audiences “are entitled to know by whom they are being persuaded.” So why isn’t the FCC enforcing the clear-cut, Continue Reading »

20 May 2016


1900 by Roldo Bartimole

roldo stadium 150520

Hypocrisy abounds here among sports team owners. It’s almost as bountiful as their greed. That’s saying something.

Dee and Jimmy Haslam play the two-faced game better than their team plays football. Not hard, I guess.

We got a good example of it recently when the Plain Dealer and our TV news (what a joke—news?) gave us some “information” or what travels as “news.”

The Cleveland Browns fed them a story of their generosity to Cleveland schools. The media ate it up as if it were prime beef.

Here’s what the Plain Dealer dished out:

CLEVELAND, Ohio—The Cleveland Browns today will announce a ‘major project that will benefit students and communities throughout Cleveland.’

Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon will be joined by 100 Continue Reading »

19 May 2016


1600 by Jeff Hess

That is what is really dangerous.

I remember the ramp up to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and conversations I had with liberals here in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, about the likelihood of a war actually happening. For those unfamiliar with the Democratic Party fortress in the State of Ohio, I live in what is, in terms of politics, a near-gated community that the residents don’t realize exists. People simply can’t believe that the rest of the state is so insane as to ban gay marriage, force women to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop in order to exercise their right to an abortion or to elect the likes of John Kasich as governor.

Of course the rest of the state thinks that and worse of Cuyahoga County.

After the wars dragged into 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, apologists could be heard to say that no one could have predicted what happened, except for all of those people, not just lowly political wonks like myself, but people with international credentials who did predict the disaster that has become our Everwar.

Ralph Nader remembers as well and writes in Join Together to Mobilize Against Wars of Aggression:

Did you know that in the nine months leading to the criminal war of aggression against Iraq in March 2003 by the Bush/Cheney administration, at least 300 retired, high-level establishment military, national security and diplomatic officials spoke out against the looming invasion? The list included retired Generals Anthony Zinni and William Odom and Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan. Even Brent Scowcroft and James Baker, two of President George H.W. Bush’s closest advisors, strongly opposed the invasion.

Unprecedented in U.S. history, these individuals and others wrote op-eds and letters to the editor, signed petitions, attended protests, and wrote to their members of Congress. Retired military, national security and diplomatic officials Continue Reading »

18 May 2016


1200 by Jeff Hess

It’s been a busy week in Wally World: the Universe’s source of cheap plastic crap from China. On The Writing On The Wal—the blog USA Today says should be on its readers’ radar—I continue my singular work dedicated to drawing back the curtain on the Bentonvile Behemoth’s corporate disinformation and other flackery.

YET MORE OF WALMART’S CORPORATE WELFARE… We’ve written much here at The Writing On The Wal about how the Bentonvile Behemoth sucks at the public tit, draining tax dollars into the corporate coffers and saving the company millions… Keep reading…

WALMART INSUFFICIENTLY GUILTY FOR JUDGE… Walmart is guilty, just not guilty enough, according to Chancellor Andre Bouchard of the Court of Chancery in Wilmington, Delaware. Bouchard. Bouchard dismissed a lawsuit by Wal-Mart Stores… Keep reading…

TIME TO STRIKE THE BANNERS AT WALMART…? The business world is all abuzz over Walmart’s announcement of a two-day shipping subscription service targeted directly at Amazon’s Prime service. I don’t like buying from Amazon anymore than I do… Keep reading…

WALMART BUILDING EIGHT RINGS OF HELL… Over the last few days the news feed has been filled with stories regarding Walmart’s decision to offer a two-day shipping subscription service in the Bentonvile Behemoth’s quest to take down Amazon. This… Keep reading…

SO, WHAT INTERESTS MY READERS… Occasionally I like to look back and see what readers of The Writing On The Wal find most interesting. The list below shows the top of the list for the past five years. I always get a chuckle at No. 1. Does Walmart… Keep reading…

MORE REPORTING ON WALMART’S TAX-THEFT… In the world of journalism, a television station repeating a story from the local newspaper is rare. The opposite is far more likely to happen. Occasionally, however, a team of reporters go deep—a rare… Keep reading…

BAD GOVERNMENT, BUT GOOD BUSINESS…? Way back in 2006 Walmart fired a serious shot across the bows of the Bentonvile Behemoths pharmacy competitors by announcing $4/month prices on a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals. Of course… Keep reading…

CAN YOU HEAR CUSTOMERS NOW WALMART…? The fight for basic human rights expanded in Connecticut when a woman, with short hair, glasses and wearing a baseball cap, was asked to leave a Walmart bathroom. The bathrooms… Keep reading…


17 May 2016


1200 by Jeff Hess

Lauren Dakeand Dan Roberts writing in Bernie Sanders takes Oregon primary* for The Guardian, report:

Bernie Sanders’ supporters handed him a win in the Oregon primary on Tuesday, adding to his run of late victories over Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

With 60% of the vote reporting, the Vermont senator was ahead of Clinton 53%-47%.

In Kentucky, which also voted on Tuesday, Clinton declared victory hours after polls closed, but officially the race was too close to call. With 99.8% reporting, Clinton had 46.8% to 46.3% for Sanders. [Emphasis mine, JH]

From the start, it seemed Oregon was destined to be Bernie Sanders country. When the Vermont senator first visited Portland, while still considered a fringe candidate, huge crowds of supporters forced his campaign to book a basketball stadium to accommodate the larger-than-anticipated crowd. During a later visit, a tiny bird landed on his podium in the midst of his speech, delighting the internet.

Sanders had tried to encourage turnout by promising to prevail if enough voters showed up to the polls. To win, he had to overcome the state’s closed primary, which allows only registered Democrats – not independents – to vote and heavily favored Clinton. The senator has had more success in states that allow independents to vote.

“This was not magic, this was hard work,” said Morgan Watters, Sanders’ Oregon field director.

In Portland, the state’s largest city, there are generally two types of Democratic voters, said Jim Moore, a political science professor and director of the Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation at Pacific University in Oregon.

There are the older union backers who came of age during the Vietnam War era and are more likely to be Clinton supporters. “Then there’s the group under 40 to 45, they are recent arrivals to Portland,” Moore said. “They moved here for the lifestyle choices. They like bicycles, they are working in the high-tech industry, they’ve seen Portlandia on television … they are interested in quality-of-life and the environment.” The bulk of them likely handed Sanders his win.

*Yes, I shortened The Guardian’s headline by cutting the second part. The full headline read: Bernie Sanders takes Oregon primary while Clinton claims Kentucky. I take exception here to the use of the word claims. The Guardian’s own numbers show Clinton getting 46.8 percent to Bernie’s 46.3 percent. Yes, that is a win for Hillary, but I’d call that a tie. So sue me.

17 May 2016


1000 by Roldo Bartimole

point of view no. 1

A friend was looking for an old clipping from a 1960 Newsweek story about the Plain Dealer.

To help I said I’d search some boxes of my old stuff. I didn’t find the clipping.

I did discover, however, a lot of memories. More than I’ll tell here.

But one I can’t resist. I reveal a few more, too.

At times you need a laugh, even if it has a cost.

I’d always been told that the Plain Dealer library (morgue) when it received a copy of my newsletter point of viǝw, to which it subscribed, would photo copy a dozen or so and place them where reporters (usually too cheap to subscribe) would pick one up to read.

In January, 1986, I got a $50 check from the PD to renew its annual subscription. That was the “institutional” price I charged.

Remembering what I’d been told about the copying, I had a friendly lawyer deliver a message of my unhappiness. With it he returned the $50 check.

And he wrote a lawyerly letter:

Enclosed please find the Plain Dealer‘s check for Fifty Dollars ($50.00). Roldo Bartimole, editor of point of viǝw, requested I return this check since it does not accurately reflect the correct subscription rate.

“Mr. Bartimole has been informed that the Plain Dealer has been making unauthorized copies of point of viǝw for free distribution to editors and others at the newspaper via your paper’s inter-department mailing system. He also has proof that additional unauthorized copies are made available to reporters and others in the Plain Dealer‘s library.”

Information provided to me indicates that these unauthorized and unlawful practices have been conducted for as long as seventeen (17) years. point of viǝw has lost considerable income through these years, and Mr. Bartimole demands that they stop immediately.

The letter, addressed to Patricia Graziano, the paper’s librarian, went on Continue Reading »

16 May 2016


1600 by Jeff Hess

this modern world 160521

16 May 2016


0700 by Jeff Hess

hottest april 160516

I have a very real fear that as the months tick along, these headlines are going to become inevitable and boring. The twisted image that comes to mind is that of a doctor telling a terminal cancer patient that the cancer has spread to a new organ and now occupies a higher percent of their body than was the case a month ago.

The difference, of course, is that for the Earth, treatment is still possible. We can turn this around.

Michael Slezak, reporting in April breaks global temperature record, marking seven months of new highs> for The Guardian writes:

April 2016 was the hottest April on record globally – and the seventh month in a row to have broken global temperature records.

The latest figures smashed the previous record for April by the largest margin ever recorded.

It makes three months in a row that the monthly record has been broken by the largest margin ever, and seven months in a row that are at least 1C above the 1951-80 mean for that month. When the string of record-smashing months started in February, scientists began talking about a “climate emergency”.

Figures released by Nasa over the weekend show the global temperature of land and sea was 1.11C warmer in April than the average temperature for April during the period 1951-1980.

It all but assures that 2016 will be the hottest year on record, and probably by the largest margin ever.

Keep the fucking carbon in the ground!

15 May 2016


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non sequitur 160515

14 May 2016


1500 by Jeff Hess

Bernie writes:

My father Eli immigrated to America from Poland in 1921 after World War I at the age of 17. He was not a refugee fleeing war, although much of his family later became victims of the Holocaust. He came to America looking to make a better life. He never made a lot of money, but it didn’t matter because he was able to start a family and send his two sons to college. That meant the world to him and he loved this country.

While my father came here as an immigrant seeking economic opportunity, many immigrants arrived in our country fleeing war, oppression and violence. This is true today for thousands of women and unaccompanied children who came to our country in the last several years fleeing horrific violence in Latin America.

This week the media reported something that I find not just wrong, but inhumane: President Obama is currently planning “a month-long series of raids in May and June to deport hundreds of Central American mothers and children” who came to our country fleeing that same violence.

Sending women and children back into harm’s way after they already fled horrendous violence in Central America is painful and inhumane, and must be stopped.

Sign my petition asking President Obama to stop these raids and to make sure that families fleeing violence in Central America are protected from deportation.

Donald Trump has of course called for building a “Great Wall” along the border with Mexico. Hillary Clinton previously said that these same children who fled violence in Latin America “should be sent back” in order to “send a clear message.”

I happen to see things differently. I don’t believe that the United States should turn away from our historic role as a haven for the oppressed.

I recently met a young Salvadoran woman who came to the United States on her own at the age of 15 to flee gangs trying to recruit her. I’ve also spoken with many children who have told me with tears streaming down their faces that they live in daily fear that their parents will be taken away.

The United States of America must continue to be a refuge for the poor, the tired, the oppressed, and certainly for women and children fleeing horrific violence.

I urge President Obama to use his executive authority to protect families by extending Temporary Protective Status for those who fled from Central America, and I ask you to join me.

Add your name to mine to ask President Obama to stop planned raids and deportations of families fleeing violence in Central and Latin America. Together, we can speak up to protect these families.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

I added my name, you should too.

13 May 2016


0600 by Jeff Hess

Andrew Blake, reporting in Chelsea Manning honored with award, cash prize for WikiLeaks disclosures for The Washington Times, writes:

Chelsea Manning, the former Army soldier convicted of the biggest leak of classified documents in U.S. history, was honored in absentia Monday at a London ceremony for her role in providing Wikileaks with secret documents concerning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manning, 35, was named the winner of this year’s Blueprint Enduring Impact Whistleblowing Prize during an event hosted by Blueprint for Free Speech, a Melbourne-based nonprofit, at the London offices of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“The award recognizes the exceptional importance of the disclosures by Manning in revealing the illegal practice of torture and detention, and in increasing the public understanding of the impact of war on civilians,” Blueprint for Free Speech said in a statement obtained by teleSUR.

I sincerely hope that President Obama has Chelsea on the short list for Presidential Pardons on his last day in office. She is far more deserving, for her service to her nation and We The People, than any I can imagine under consideration.

12 May 2016


1300 by Jeff Hess

[Update at 1300 on 12 May: As is to be suspected, Mano Singham perfectly expands on Oliver’s piece in Misunderstanding and misrepresenting science.

Originally published at 0300 on 9 May]

12 May 2016


0700 by Jeff Hess

I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to the counters and I only noticed this morning that back on 5 May I passed another milestone at Have Coffee Will Write when I published post no. 15,000. I passed the 10,000 posts milestone back on 4 April 2010.

Just sayin’, cheers…

12 May 2016


0500 by Jeff Hess

co2 levels 160512

This week I read the final installment in the graphic novel version Stephen King’s Dark Tower books. (I read the books years ago.) Without going into great detail, King writes in eight volumes of an environmentally ravaged dystopia. When I was a young reader the fear of such futures were driven by atomic wars. Later, pollutions—water, air and soil—became the villains. The villains are no longer fictional, as Michael Slezak, writing for The Guardian in World’s carbon dioxide concentration teetering on the point of no return relates:

The world is hurtling towards an era when global concentrations of carbon dioxide never again dip below the 400 parts per million (ppm) milestone, as two important measuring stations sit on the point of no return.

The news comes as one important atmospheric measuring station at Cape Grim in Australia is poised on the verge of 400ppm for the first time. Sitting in a region with stable CO2 concentrations, once that happens, it will never get a reading below 400ppm.

Meanwhile another station in the northern hemisphere may have gone above the 400ppm line for the last time, never to dip below it again.

“We’re going into very new territory,” James Butler, director of the global monitoring division at the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, told the Guardian.

When enough CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, the seasonal cycles that drive the concentrations up and down throughout the year will eventually stop dipping the concentration below the 400ppm mark. The 400ppm figure is just symbolic, but it’s psychologically powerful, says Butler.

Psychologically powerful only if the figure does not become the new norm.

12 May 2016


0400 by Jeff Hess

Coal was in the news this week as Hillary Clinton’s comment about putting coal miners out of work came back to bite her in the ass. Bernie, of course, delivered essentially the same message without kicking the coal miners under the bus. Yes, we must stop mining and burning coal, but that doesn’t mean we just toss the miners and their families on the ash heaps.

Another coal story, related to a piece I wrote last Friday, involves the now bankrupt Peabody Coal Company. Dana Nuccitelli, reporting in Coal made its best case against climate change, and lost for The Guardian writes:

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private sector coal company (now bankrupt), recently faced off against environmental groups in a Minnesota court case. The case was to determine whether the State of Minnesota should continue using its exceptionally low established estimates of the ‘social cost of carbon’, or whether it should adopt higher federal estimates.

The social cost of carbon is an estimate of how much the damages from carbon pollution cost society via climate change damages. In theory, it represents how much the price of fossil fuels should increase to reflect their true costs.

The coal company called forth witnesses that represented the fringe 2–3 percent of experts who reject the consensus that humans are the primary cause of global warming, including Roy Spencer and Richard Lindzen, while their opposition invited witnesses like Andrew Dessler and John Abraham who represent the 97 percent expert consensus.

I don’t believe in either heavens or hells, but I certainly can understand the emotional utility of doing so. In a universe that contained such, there would be a special place in hell for the Francis Peabody and his minions.

Keep Carbon In The Ground…

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