April 24th, 2017

I know that this has become, perhaps, an annoying reminder that I repeat and repeat, but I don’t think I state this fact often enough: corporations have one, and only one, function, they must, by law, always, always, always, maximize shareholder value. Nothing must be allowed to hinder the reaching of that goal. Absolutely nothing.

Theodore Decker, writing in Ohio pipeline project’s early messes don’t inspire confidence for The Columbus Dispatch, provides the perfect example of how fecking evil a corporation can be in the pursuit of the one goal:

Corporate attorneys argued this year in U.S. District Court that Rover had to make haste. The company needed permission to cut trees along the pipeline’s path ASAP because endangered bats would soon awaken from their winter slumber and begin roosting in trees. Rover had to finish its tree-cutting before April 1, or the project would be forced to endure a costly delay until the bats left the trees and returned to hibernation in the fall.

Hemorrhaging a few million gallons of muck into some wetlands is one thing. Hemorrhaging money is quite another.

When wildlife threatens your project, destroy the habitat as quickly and as thoroughly as you can and the wildlife ceases to be an issue. This is the kind of project that Jim Bupkis* Renacci applauds in his district.

*After extensive searches, I have been unable to determine what Renacci’s middle initial stands for. Until I can find a reliable reference to Renacci full name, Bupkis will do.


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