April 21st, 2017

Perhaps Governor John Richard Kasich would have been smarter to deploy those 37 Ohio State Troopers he sent to North Dakota to protect Energy Transfer’s Dakota Access Pipeline to watch another of the company’s pipeline projects—The Rover Pipeline—which may have dumped millions of gallons of toxic liquids into Ohio’s farmlands, wetlands and rivers leading into Lake Erie.

I confess that I was ignorant of the pipeline until this week. I’ve been watching states far away while Energy Transfer Partners (which donated $250,000 to President Donald John Trump inauguration fund) was setting up shop to poison the water in my own backyard.

The pipeline crosses, in part, Ashland, Wayne and Stark counties. All of Wayne, and part of Stark counties fall under the protection of my representative, Jim Bupkis* Renacci. The reports I’m checked this morning are imprecise as to whether the spill south of Navarre is in the 16th congressional district or not. In any case, the Rover Pipeline is Jim Renacci’s problem.

As of this morning I’m shifting my attention from DAPL to Rover.

Other related headlines include: Rover pipeline’s 1.5-Million-Gallon Spill Was Near, But Did Not Contaminate, Canton’s Water Source; Rover Pipeline drilling fluid spilled into wetland; The Rover Pipeline leaked millions of gallons of drilling fluid into Ohio wetlands; Rover Pipeline work dumps 50,000 gallons of drilling fluid in Mifflin Twp. wetlands ; Residents Against Rover Pipeline Expand Fight Through Strategy and Support; and Monroe continues oil and gas development.

*After extensive searches, I have been unable to determine what Renacci’s middle initial stands for. Until I can find a reliable reference to Renacci full name, Bupkis will do.


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