My writing day: Authors and writers describe their typical writing day…/Writer’s Rooms.

170624 Shirley Hughes: Children are… frank in their reactions to seeing me draw
170617 William Dalrymple: The key rule is no drinking at all until the pen is down
170603 Chris Riddell: …James Bond should be a middle-aged cartoonist
170525 Hisham Matar: If I wake up at an early hour and write 500 words each day…
170520 Geoff Dyer: At the first sign of sleepiness I commit absolutely to a nap…
170513 Hari Kunzru: Strong espresso drinks are all that stand between us…
170505 Daljit Nagra: I love playing rock albums to get my heartbeat racing
170429 Raymond Tallis: In my… pub, they turn down the speaker in my… corner
170422 Dava Sobel: If you enjoy… mysteries, you’d love rummaging… archives
170415 Tim Parks: The athlete has a training schedule… the writer has nothing
170408 Nadeem Aslam: …my initials in Urdu look like a pen by an inkwell
170401 John Boyne: I began on Wednesday morning and wrote for 60 hours
170325 Simon Armitage: Language is my enemy—I spend my life battling with it
170318 Caitlin Moran: Were I not a writer, I’d have the peachy, zingy buttocks…
170311 Raymond Briggs: Fungus the Bogeyman took two years. The Snowman…
170304 Elizabeth Strout: I have never written anything from beginning to end
170225 Susan Hill: Can I be a serious writer, keeping such casual hours?
170218 Jake Arnott: I fear the sack every day from the best job I’ve ever had
170211 Bettany Hughes: I cannot write… unless I go where history happened
170204 John Burnside: Writing is what I steal from the usual flow of things
170128 Alain de Botton: Raw experience is overwhelming…I have to write it down
170121 Jacob Polley: …I should be kept busy doing anything other than writing
170114 Tessa Hadley: Some of my best ideas come in the bath
170107 Emma Donoghue: I have only from 8.30am to 3.30pm to work…
161231 Sebastian Barry: …a serviceable first line is rendered from the heavens
161224 Michael Bond: I’m at my desk by 9am. I even write on Christmas Day
161217 Maggie O’Farrell: There is nothing so dangerous to good writing as…
161210 Sarah Perry: One day I found myself reciting… I knew the crisis had come
161203 Petina Gappah: I was a lawyer… I forced myself to write before… work
161126 Matt Haig: At times I am Philip K Dick, minus the amphetamines…
161119 Ruth Padel: Writing needs connection to the outside world…
161112 Jeff Kinney: I bought a typewriter to try to beat back the distractions…
161105 Linda Grant: I can’t write after lunch… or when anyone is in the house
161029 Paul Beatty: I’ve got no idea how winning is going to affect my writing life…
161022 Anthony Horowitz: I don’t have breakfast. If I hold off eating, I work better
161015 Xiaolu Guo: One language is not enough—I write in both Chinese and English
161008 Douglas Coupland: I’m actually at my happiest when I’m writing on a plane
161001 Deborah Levy: I have grown to love my writing shed in every season
160924 Charlotte Mendelson: I live for… when something comes into verbal focus
160917 Tracy Chevalier: Writing is a magic trick that… surprises me…
160910 Lemn Sissay: I begin work trying to describe dawn in 140 characters
160903 Val McDermid: adopt the habits of a hermit crab
160827 Jonathan Safran Foer: I… am a chronic sufferer of Jonathan block.
160820 Helen Dunmore: My moment of inspiration on the operating table
160813 Louis de Bernières: I’ve never written about a place I haven’t been to…
160806 Howard Jacobson: …adding a dab of colour before popping out for absinthe.
160730 AL Kennedy: As payments plummet, I’m back on the road…
160723 Mark Haddon: I’m not a terribly good writer, but I’m a persistent editor.
160716 Sebastian Faulks: I used to pull the curtains and put in earplugs…

160422 Anne Enright: My writing day.
160416 Hilary Mantel: My writing Day.


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