August 1st, 2017

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I recently purchased Gavin Aung Than’s In The Mood For Work to add to the walls above my typewriter. When I placed the order, Gav asked me to share a photo that he could post on his Instagram page.

While I’m certainly far from the company of those that The Guardian has chosen to feature in its Writers’ Rooms series, I like to think that I’ve taken appropriate care to creating and maintaining a space that works for me.

Working from the upper left in the photo, you can see my reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s self-portait (purchased at the 1996 Codex Leicester exhibition); three black-and-white photos of my constant companion Buster Wu—he’s part Alsatian (not to be confused with German Shepherds) and part Shar Pei—the best Christmas present I’ve ever received (the photos, not Buster Wo); a copy of Walter Mosley’s For Authors, Fragile Ideas Need Loving Every Day (I suggested to Gav that Mosley’s line: The act of writing is a kind of guerrilla warfare; there is no vacation, no leave, no relief. In actuality there is very little chance of victory. You are, you fear, like that homeless man, likely to be defeated by your fondest dreams. was worthy of his work, but he said he was thinking of an illustration from my procrastination quote instead); a photo of my father as a young artist working at his drawing board; the cover of Rolling Stone featuring one of my writing heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, whose Hell’s Angels convinced me that I had to be a writer; and finally, of course Gav’s In The Mood For Work. I particularly liked panel’s two and seven because I’ve so been there in my my writing life.

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