The Story of O
Dominique Aury writing as Pauline Réage.

“Story of O is the work of an original writer, who has dared to present us with certain truths, or intimations of truth, rarely found in literature. However much one may disagree with, or even profoundly dislike, these truths (or if you will, these ideas), Pauline Réage has done what all good artists aim for and, when they are successful, accomplish; to arouse us from the lethargy of our set ways and routine lives, prick us into consciousness, provoke a reaction (whether positive or negative, it matters little) within us; in short, to make us think.” p. xii

“…to surrender oneself to the will of others (as often happens with lovers and mystics) and so find oneself at last rid of selfish pleasures, interests and personal complexes, is in no wise a joyless act, nor one lacking in grandeur.” p. xxiii

“…what if the role of the erotic (or of dangerous books, if you prefer) is to inform and instruct us? To reassure us on the subject, the way the father confessor does?” p. xxvii

“I seem to be saying fearful things. Perhaps I am, but in that case terror is our daily bread – and perhaps dangerous books are those which restore us to our natural state of danger.” p. xxviii

“You should never have agreed to be a god for me if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and we all know that they are not as tender as all that.” p. xxx

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