The Art Of Writing
Lu Chi

translated by Sam Hamill

Master K’ung-fu Tzu (Confucius)] believed that all wisdom lies in learning to call things by the right name, and that only through a rectification of names might one proceed toward enlightened living. From the Ta Hsueb (or Great Learning). p. xvi

Reading the classics again,
sometimes I still find heroes,

old sages I dare not emulate,
but who stood strong in adversity.

I too will not choose the easy way.

T’ao Ch’ien p. xxxi

The Poetry of Lu Chi:

Sometimes the words come freely;
      sometimes we sit in silence,
      gnawing on a brush.

From Choosing Words p. 12

Not-knowing is like grabbing
      the tail to direct the head
      of a dragon.

From On Harmony p. 17

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