What we’re about.

This is the listing of past topics discussed at the Cleveland Heights/South Euclid/Tremont/Ohio City Socrates Café:

October: How ought we respond to the global conversation regarding free speech?
September: Is every action motivated by self-interest?
August: Did Jesus exist?
July: Is all morality relative?
June: Does exposure to nudity in a non-sexual context injure children?
May: Where is the line between life and not life?
April: Is a world without guns possible?
March: What is a terrorist?
February: How much worse is it to do evil than to simply allow evil to occur?
January: Is greatness a matter of abnormal brain chemistry or structure?

December: Which is preferable — true democracy or a benevolent dictator of your choice?
November: Do politicians simply reflect the population?
October: Would an independent military under the control of the United Nations bring peace?
September: Can we jump-start our economy with Federal infrastructure projects?
August: What is the soul and what does it mean to have one or even some?
July: What comes first: language or thought?
June: Does collective bargaining have philosophical roots in the Enlightenment’s Natural Rights?
April: Why are we entertained by violence?
March: Can we treat all religious texts as Myth to be learned from?
February: Why do liberals not defend the 2nd Amendment as they do the 1st Amendment?
January: Snow Day


December: How would an absence of Free Will change our legal system?
November: Agree or disagree — that which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.
October: Do maxims help or hinder conversation?
September: What does it mean to be passionate?
August: Should politicians be like superheroes: anonymous and unpaid?
July: How should we, as individuals, treat the homeless or those in need?
June: Does going to war ever make a country better off?
May: How can we know when to distrust an expert?
April: Are we on the brink of experiencing an evolutionary leap in consciousness?
March: Why do we have social events like Bar Mitzvahs, baby showers or house warmings.?
February:Is knowledge of the physical universe necessary to live a fulfilling life?
January: Should classrooms be segregated by intelligence level?


December: Is our ability to reflect upon our actions pointless and even detrimental?
November: What does it mean for the media to provide balanced coverage?
October: Is youth really wasted on the young?
September: Do we have a right to health care?
August: Should we end compulsory education after the 8th grade?
July: Why are people so greedy? Why must we want?
June: What would be the effects of ending the institution of marriage?
May: Are labels — Italian, skinny, blind, zealous, socialist, lawyer, tall, etc. — helpful?
April: Should there be a maximum wage limit; is making too much money immoral?
March: Why do people think they need when they really just want?
February: Why does the thought of home make us feel content?
January: What is the ideal relation between the individual and the State?


December: How do we encourage tolerance for differences?
November: What is the essence of beauty?
October: Should felons be forgiven after they\’ve paid they debt to society?
September: Is it ethical to eat meat?
August: Is competitiveness still good for humanity?
July: Where is Whitman\’s America? Did it ever exist? How do we get there?
June: What branch of science is most important?
May: Is the current attack on religion a good thing?
April: Should government have a role in social engineering?
March: Do the words it and thing cripple our language and conversations?
February: What is truth?
January: Is it vital for America to elect John McCain?


December: Would you want to live for 1,000 years?
November: Is scientific consensus a good substitute for Truth?
October: Do we get the politicians we deserve? (Our 5th anniversary as a group)
September: Why do some people fear death?
August: What one bit of advice would leave for your legacy?
July: Do the reckless deserve our pity?
June: Do we need more or less alone time in our lives-?
May: Ought bankruptcy laws be abolished?
April: What\’s missing from the conversation?
March: Barak or Hillary?
February: Snowed out!
January: How would indisputable proof of an afterlife change us?


December: Are cults different from religions, and if so, how?
November: What are the differences among faith, belief and knowledge?
October: What is wisdom?
September: Are we superior to all other animals so as to allow us to exploit them?
August: Are stereotypes every useful?
July: Is it possible for a person to understand an other person?
June: What is Authenticity?
May: If you had all the funding you required, what world problem would you tackle that could be solved in 10 years?
April: Are there objective measurement for art?
March: What is fairness?
February: Should societies have any sacred cows – i.e., topics that have special status and are protected from humor or ridicule?
January: How do children learn values?


December: Can the United States justify the use of torture or does our position on cruel and unusual punishment preclude its use by the United States?
November: Is a winner-take-all, two-party political system the best for the United States, and if not, what might a multi-party system look like?
October: Should students be taught how to think critically, or should they be taught a set of facts?
September: Is it wise for Atheists to stay in the closet?
August: How do we understand poverty and what would be the minimums to be considered not living in poverty?
July: What is the basis for morality?
June: Is religion necessary?
May: Do we have a soul or are we just brains?
April: Is there a definition of patriotism that makes it worthwhile?
March: Is there an upside to having a secret life?
February: Why is belief in evolution stronger in Europe than in the US?
January: Is there meaning to life or do we make it up?


December: To what degree should we try to live a just or moral life?
November: Are homosexual rights akin to the civil rights movement of the \’60s?
October: How do fairy tales influence children\’s expectations?
September: What is the function of marriage today?
August: Is there significance to the current 50-50 split on the election?
July: Do you have a right to pursue your own happiness?
June: Is loyalty a vice or a virtue?
May: Is the media dumbing down American discourse?
April: What is the nature of evil?
March: What role ought irrationality play in our lives?
February: What does it mean to live a successful life?
January: Is the U.S. anti-intellectual?


December: What was the most important event in history?
November: Does science matter?
October: Is there a place for revenge?
September: Do we value wisdom?
August: Does humor require implying something negative about someone?
July: Would becoming a blended, race-less society be a good thing?
June: Why do we glorify the past?
May: Is there an unselfish reason to have children?
April: What is motivation?
March: What is love?
February: Is mankind becoming more or less moral over the centuries?
January: What is the difference between good art and bad art?


December: Why is there genocide?
November: Can you have change without stress?
October: Can you know truth without knowing God?

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