January 27th, 2018

Via Mano Singham…

In his most recent novel—Robicheaux—James Lee Burke puts wise words into the mouth of his police officer protagonist, Dave Robicheaux:

Clete Purcell normally referred to cop shows on television as “the most recent shit Hollywood is foisting on really stupid people.” Clete’s intolerance aside, the facsimile has little to do with the reality. Probably one third of cops are dedicated to the job; one third eat too many doughnuts; and one third are people who should not be given power over others. Female detectives do not show off their cleavage. Many cops carry a drop or throw-down. Cops plant evidence and lie on the stand. In our midst are sadists and racists who taint the rest of us. And the greatest contributor to solving crimes is not the lab but the informant, usually someone who skipped toilet training and couldn’t make a peanut butter sandwich with a diagram. p. 160

If your skin isn’t pale enough, 1-in-3 odds aren’t great.

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