January 11th, 2018

So, I finished reading Monique Morris’ excellent work: Pushout: The Criminalization Of Black Girls In Schools over the winter break and sent copies of my notes to some educators whose opinions I value. I haven’t heard back yet, but a story this morning on The Root (more on this below the fold) prompted me to start posting my notes.

Over my years as an educator I have worked with dozens of young Black women whose educations were at risk. None, I’m happy to say, as threatened as those Morris interviews and works with, but still in serious danger of becoming a dropout pushout. What is a pushout? Morris explains:

The central argument of Pushout is that too many Black girls are being criminalized (and physically and mentally harmed) by beliefs, policies and actions that degrade and marginalize both their leaning and their humanity, leading to conditions that push them out of schools and render them vulnerable to even more harm. We can counter the criminalization of Black girls in schools by first understanding what their criminalization looks like, and then by building a common language and framework for making sure that struggling Black girls are not left behind. We can all get behind a fair and effective education strategy that provides quality education for every young person. p. 8-9

From Pushout: The Criminalization Of Black Girls In Schools by Monique Morris


Found in my electronic chapbook.

As I mentioned above, Anne Branigin’s New Studies Find That Positive Feelings About Blackness Improve Academic Performance for Black Girls for The Root spurred me to start posting my notes. The central premise of her post is that:

Young black women with “strong racial identity” are more likely to be academically engaged, curious and persistent.

I find myself paying a lot more attention to hair and dress after reading Morris’ book and processing what I see through a different lens. I may not be woke, but I’m at least not asleep at the podium.

Also recommended by The Root are:

  • Somebody Lied: Education Alone Can’t Dismantle White Supremacy;
  • Can an All-Boys, Afrocentric Education Close the Achievement Gap? and
  • New Study Shows Black Students Receive Harsher Discipline; Does Not Investigate if Fire Is Hot or Water Is Wet.
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