October 18th, 2017

From Steve Holecko, political director for the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus:

It is clear that CCPC’s endorsed candidates have the Cuyahoga Democratic Party, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the downtown developers and big business community worried that they might lose some of their Frank Jackson yes men on the council, including Kenneth Johnson who has been on the council 37 years, and has never met a development deal or corporate tax break he didn’t like. Gail Sparks is opposing him in Ward 4, which includes Shaker Square and Buckeye/Kinsman. In the primary, in a field of 8, Johnson only got 48% of the vote (down from 78% in 2013). If Gail picks up her other opponents votes (she has been endorsed by three of them), she would win. Johnson and the establishment is worried.

This is why they put out HIT PIECE on her through the mail (which coincidentally arrived at the same time as a Democratic Party puff piece on Johnson). The HIT PIECE is filled with lies and was put out by an unregistered/untraceable PAC called the “Friends of Good Government” against fake politicians. The return address incredibly is Gail’s campaign office. This is an Ohio elections law infraction and a dirty trick. The postal permit indicates that the mailer was produced and mailed by Qwestcom graphics which does Democratic Political Mailings and is tied to notorious Democratic boss Bill Mason. They didn’t hide their tracks very well.

The piece claims that Gail “defrauded poor impoverished black Ward 4 residents charging them above market rates for the homes that she illegally sold them without a license and pocketed the fees.” In reality, Gail Sparks has never sold a property not owned by her in her life, let alone steal from anybody. She was fined for renting properties and pulling permits to renovate properties (like the derelict one next to her), something that strangely in Ohio you need a real estate license for.

Now Kenneth Johnson, who is double-dipping, and is one of the sleaziest council people, and has run these dirty tricks campaigns against his rivals for decades, is trying to maintain power with lies and help from the Democratic establishment.

Gail has been well-funded to date, but we can’t afford to mail out a rebuttal to people without raising further funds. We need any help you can give us to help Gail overcome these lies and take out this establishment political dinosaur.

If you can afford to please donate.

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