September 13th, 2017

From The Washington Post:

An Ivy League graduate headed to law school, with eyes on becoming her state’s first female governor, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund knew the importance of answering a question head-on.

So when judges at the Miss America competition asked her whether President Donald Trump was wrong to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accords that seek to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, she did not hesitate.

“It’s a bad decision,” she said during Sunday night’s nationally televised finale. “There is evidence that climate change is existing, and we need to be at that table.”

That answer helped her win the crown as Miss America 2018 at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

Meeting with reporters afterward, Mund said she wanted first and foremost to give a real answer to the question.

From The Guardian:

Question: Last month, a demonstration of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent, and a counter-protester was killed. The president said there was shared blame with “very fine people on both sides”. Were there? Tell me yes or no and explain.

Miss Texas, Margana Wood: I think that the white supremacist issue, it was very obvious that it was a terrorist attack and I think that President Donald Trump should have made a statement earlier addressing the fact, and making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the No 1 issue right now.

From Fox News:

Miss Missouri Jennifer Davis was asked to be “the jury” on whether Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton and give “innocent or guilty” verdict.

“Right now I’d have to say innocent because not enough information has been revealed,” Davis said, adding however that “we should investigate it to its fullest extent.”

Fox, of course, did a bit of creative editing on Davis’ answer. If you listen to the video above, you’ll hear her full response. What she said was:

Right now I’d have to say innocent, because not enough information has been revealed. We are still investigating this and I think we should investigate it to its fullest extent, and if we do find the evidence that they have had collusion with then they should … the justice system should do their due diligence and they should be punished accordingly. [Emphasis mine. JH]

President Donald John Trump, meanwhile, tweeted to his minions:

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