September 7th, 2017

Well, the Democrats kicked away the first victory over sports-owner monsters and may have thereby easily re-elected Mayor Frank Jackson.

That puts back for another four years a crew of has been city officials working the city for high salaries and little work.

Jackson cannot seem to dump long-ago city officials who at least under Mayor Michael White had to produce. White used the whip to keep city workers on their toes.

Jackson simply promotes those who fuck-up, as in Marty Flask and Frank McGrath did in the 138 bullet fiasco.

The 138-bullet debacle mess was followed by those elevations of the police establishment leadership. If the city had a real mayor the two would be out simply collecting their pensions instead of also taking home hefty pay checks.

It just revealed how lax Jackson performs his job.

It is what it is, right? That’s Jackson’s motto.

Well, it is what it shouldn’t be.

There’s no use repeating what I’ve been writing for the last several years about Jackson and his inability to say “no” to his employees and to the downtown establishment, which sees him as the best sucker they’ve ever had.

And it says a lot—too much—about the Democratic Party in Cuyahoga County.

It stinks. It sat back, or helped, revive the Quicken Arena deal that hands more gold to a seven times over billionaire who makes P.T. Barnum and his sucker born every minute and someone to take him” a Cleveland motto.

Jackson is a Barnum ideal.

Rep. Marcia Fudge is ensconced in a safe district that leaves the black voting population here with only one choice—her. So she has no reason to worry about her position or what she does. And thus could play a role in giving billionaire Dan Gilbert a boost. And selling out those 20,000 petition signers and the many who worked hours and hours to get the autographs.

A deal Gilbert didn’t need and you will help pay for.

Constantly the puny, subservient Pee Dee repeats the claim made by proponents that the $88 million of city money is not a tax increase.

What is it then? A tax decrease?

No, it is money—a city tax—and should go to the city. Instead is going to pay for Gilbert’s scheme of expanding the Q at public cost.

Therefore, it is a NEW tax the day it starts.

It is a city tax increase because it is $88 million (and there will be more from the County, which borrows the money—$140 million—for this deal). It is money that could go for many city needs. I’ve repeated that that same pocket is being raided for part of the $151 million now being paid for arena overruns since 1994 and will continue until 2023.

That’s $151 million for cost overruns with seven years to go. The city and county pay that every Jan. 15th and nobody even notices. They don’t broadcast it and the lazy PD doesn’t exert itself to inform the public.

The new money will go for NEW county bonds.

Therefore, again, it is a new tax.

Jeff Johnson has been talking about these issues but getting little traction because the Plain Dealer doesn’t have anyone with the ability to follow up on what he’s trying to communicate.

The paper has hardly covered this election. The editorial effort has been worse but you can’t expect the paper to criticize anyone with power. It just isn’t allowed.

Zach Reed has been concentrating his fire on the violence/shootings in certain neighborhoods.

The problem here is that no one of consequence seems to really care, especially the corporate elite. There’s history here.

The elites don’t notice until the knife is at their necks.

Jack Reavis of Jones, Day many years ago told the U.S. Civil Rights Commission why he got involved in gritty inner city problems. It was what he feared. He told the Commission, “It was the violence that really caused us to try to establish lines of communications.” He added: “Tempers and tensions were very high indeed. I thought it quite possible that Cleveland would be the first of the Northern cities where savage violence might break out…”

So as long as blacks are killing blacks in these black areas, the civic/corporate elite don’t care. There is nothing much they will do.

It’s only when the violence becomes directed outside and away from these areas that they will show concern.

Here is an important essay by one Plutocrat to other Plutocrats about the possibility of violence against them if something isn’t done about the rapidly growing imbalance of income among Americans. It is I think an important message to those here who are inappropriately giddy with the feeling that Cleveland is zooming up:

The message: The pitchforks are coming.

Keep ignoring the problems Cleveland leaders. Keep concentrating on the next downtown give-away.

By Roldo Bartimole…

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  1. Paul says:

    Right on, Roldo. And the violence will eventually be directed outward.

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