August 10th, 2017

So, this morning I discovered that the conservatives read poetry. I ought not to be surprised, of course, there’s nothing progressive or liberal about poetry. I can only point to my own ignorance (or perhaps better put, my own indifference) on the subject and say that I’m happy to have corrected my error.

This is one of the benefits of stepping out of the echo chamber and considering the thoughts of those myopically thought of as not like me. From National Review:

Working alone in the house,
I look to the solitary sculls
passing on the river
for a sense that I am
among others. The geese—
my dogs—convene in the yard
near the water. A summer
in which much has passed
is now folded and put away.
The quiet is like a pie
behind glass, uncut.
Jessica Hornik

I was once praised for including poetry at Have Coffee Will Write, but I have allowed that habit to long fall into disuse. Hornik’s poem both makes me think of my own myopia about living among Others and how little poetry I’ve been reading of late. I should correct that.

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