May 25th, 2017

This story was originally published at 1700 on 24 May.

Several updates appear at the end of the piece.

Can you imagine if the Cleveland Cavaliers again defeated the Golden State Warriors that the Plain Dealer’s next edition would ignore it? Just let it pass. No comment.

They didn’t fail on Wednesday to run 14 pages in two sports sections. It wasn’t the Warriors but the mere Boston Celtics.

Sports reigns. Beats real necessary news.

I didn’t see a column, an editorial or a follow-up article to what happened on Monday. Dropped after a brief nod on Tuesday.

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,” according to George Orwell.

Then what’s not telling them what they should hear? The Plain Dealer way.

What happened on Monday: Council president Kevin Kelley, a dufuss if there ever was one, turned away petitioners with four boxes of signatures he knew were coming without even a legal document to validate his action.

He presented a piece of paper from long-time flunky and clerk Allan Dreyer, a factotum who will do the bidding of anyone in authority—an order taker no matter how revolting the task or stupid his boss’s request.

This is government not simply at its worse but at its clumsiest worst.

Many citizens spent days and hours methodically collecting 20,000—and that’s 20,000 Clevelander stopped whatever they might have been doing and printed their name, filled in the necessary address and pertinent information.

And then signed their name to the sheet of paper signifying they wanted a vote.

Is the vote supposed to be serious?

It took a lot of people, walking streets, knocking on doors, and asking for the information to be recorded.

How many? Four hundred at least, say petitioners.

How long? Hundreds of hours of toil.

When? Rain, cold or sunshine.

But who cares? Not Cleveland City Hall. Not the editors of the PD. Nor the television news people—those silly individuals who are childish cheerleaders most of the time.

Wouldn’t that brand of insensitive government deserve an editorial kick in the ass? Not from the obedient order-takers in our First Amendment news media.

Not Kelley. Not Mayor Frank Jackson. Not Law Director Barbara Langhenry.

Here are deficient officials without the honesty or decency to be representatives of the city’s citizens. Losers.

And as unrepresentative of the public as they are, what do you say about the people who claim to be journalists, guardians of the public. The Free Press.

Where was the outrage from George Rodrigue, PD editor; or Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director; or Chris Quinn, editor and president
All nice titles. No fitting response to this outrage.

George, Elizabeth, Quinn you could all take Dreyer’s place. You’d fit nicely.

Apparatchiks of the reigning order.

Do we just give up? Say, the hell with it? You guys win. Or do we kick ass.

If people aren’t angry now they never will be.

By Roldo Bartimole…


[Update at 1000 on 26 May—You can hear Chris Quinn’s spin at timemark 16:50. JH]

[Update at 0304 on 25 May—In a conversation with Roldo Bartimole yesterday, I noted the chirping crickets sounding off in The Plain Dealer editorial offices in place of any followup on Robert Higgs’ initial report. This morning I find this embarrassment of a public relations spin from the Pee Dee’s corporate masters proclaiming that not only are the 20,603 Cleveland voters who signed the petition annoying peasants, they’re just making matters worse by causing the costs of the ill-conceived and ill-considered expansion plans demanding that public monies further enrich the wealthy to rise.

I shudder to think how well Chris Quinn will impersonate Gríma Wormtongue tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. on WCPN’s Weekly New Roundup.

Shame, Shame, SHAME! JH]

6 Responses to “[UPDATED AT 9:51 A.M. ON ON 25 MAY] CAN THE

  1. Gail Long says:

    Roldo – always calling it like it is!

  2. Thanks Gail. I guess by now we both know what the score is around here.


  3. Garry Kanter says:

    Fuck these subhumans.

  4. MFiala says:

    What I’ve learned is that power determines the range of options …
    And when you find one that they have to accept … they find a way around it, to ignore it.
    It is ugly. Power will not accept an outcome they don’t want.
    They will do everything to stop it.
    With whatever legal or faux-legal rationale/rationalization, that they can get away with.

    Keep the jeremiads coming. It stirs a vital outrage and anger, that sounds an alarm that our basic civic rights and needs are being ignored.

    Much thanks to all those petitioners. They were relentless.

  5. Thanks Fiala. You of course are right power never give it up. It has to be taken from them.

    We should not allow them to nose thumb more than 20,000 plus signers.


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