June 18th, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I left this comment on Haley Zaremba story Despite High Profile Spills, Oil Pipelines Are Still Safer Than Other Options for OilPrice:

Good morning,

Pipelines are safer than all the other bad choices. Safer does not equal safe.

Safe would be to leave the fossil fuels in the ground and continue developing 21st century energy resources.

We ought not to allow the rest of the world to leave us sucking on the fossil fuel teat.

Jeff Hess
Have Coffee Will Write

Not surprisingly, the comment never posted. Oh well.

As I follow the story of the Rover pipe line here in Ohio, however, I see the safer (sometimes even touted as safe) meme) is becoming more and more common.

Here’s a clue, whenever a corporation, or their shills, started highlighting safety, run.

This morning I noted a letter-to-the-edition in the Intelligencer, Wheeling News-Register from Joe Eddy, president and chief executive officer of Eagle Manufacturing in Wellsburg, West Virginia. For a bit of context, please note that among Eagle Manufacturing’s products is the SpillNest line for: oil and gas sites and other large area applications. (I doubt that a SpillNest could have handled this mess, but my point is that Eddy has a dog in the hunt. He writes:

Most important, pipelines are the safest means to transport natural gas. Built under the scrutiny of all federal, state, and local regulatory authorities, the Rover Pipeline will meet or exceed all safety requirements — including rigorous standards set by the approved construction company. Today, technologically advanced techniques, such as x-ray inspections, high pressure water tests, automated valves that shut off the flow of gas in case of an emergency, and 24/7 monitoring, make safety the number one priority in pipeline construction.

No, no, NO, Bob. Pipe lines, Rover in particular may be the safest means to transport natural gas, but they are not, in any wild fancy of imagination, safe. This is the message we need to repeat as often as we can. Safer does not mean safe. Safe is keeping the fossil fuels in the ground.

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