April 1st, 2017

Citizens in Rep. Jim Renacci’s district want to talk to him. Renacci, however, has gone to ground and is only speaking through tele-townhall meetings where, like radio shows with broadcast delays, his staff can control who gets to ask questions that Renacci likes.

Vicki Boatright and Lorraine Wilburn, reporting in Gibbs, Renacci should listen to constituents’ concerns for the Canton Repository, write:

Resistors are local people who care about their families, their communities, their country and their world.

Judy is an Army veteran whose young son is a cancer survivor. Affordable healthcare is a serious and very real issue for her, considering the fact that her son will carry the mantle of a preexisting condition with him for his entire life.

Beth is a small business owner whose chronic health conditions would exclude her from most health plans that existed before the Affordable Care Act came into being. Healthcare is a very serious and personal issue for her as well.

Jenna is a mental health therapist. She sees clients daily who, by virtue of the ACA, are able to receive life changing treatment. Not only are they able to improve their personal well being through the care that they receive, they are also more able to function as contributing members of society.

These three women are representative of the many local people seeking a public audience with their congressmen, Bob Gibbs (District 7) and Jim Renacci (District 16). They are people who care about their families, their communities, their country and their world. Concerned about the radical changes to the American way of life promoted by the Trump Administration and Republican Congress, millions of everyday people like Judy, Beth and Jenna have joined a movement across the country to resist what they believe is destructive change.

Renacci thinks he’s going to run for governor of Ohio. Does he really believe he can seek an office where he will represent all Ohioans while dodging the legitimate concerns of the constituents that he already represents?

I don’t thinks so.


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