March 29th, 2017

Sure, I’m posting a video from a comedy show hosted by a South African, but the message is deadly (literally deadly) serious. President Donald John Trump in ending the fake war on coal has declared war on all Americans and the rest of the world. To pretend he’s saving 70,000 jobs (which we should not simply destroy but replace with meaningful, well-paying employment) President Trump has thumbed his nose at the 650,000-job growth industry: renewable energy and issued a great fuck you all to every citizen of the planet who enjoys breathing.

Spring is going to be a lot hotter in Washington this year.

From Jamie Hern at


Donald Trump’s attacks on people and planet are getting bolder by the day. So are we.

Yesterday he issued an executive order to try and rip apart the Clean Power Plan, the moratorium on coal mining, and other protections for our basic rights to clean air and water. And last week he approved the federal permit for Keystone XL.

On April 29th there will be a full-scale mobilization against every part of Trump’s vicious fossil fuel agenda, and we will show the strength and determination of our opposition.

Today is exactly one month until the Peoples Climate March happening in Washington, DC and across the country, and 100,000 people have already signed up. We want you with us—go here to join this epic wave of action.

If you need help getting to DC, there’s a bus stopping near Cleveland—To find a bus to get to DC, go here.

Trump’s actions are a disaster for all of us—but they hurt low-income communities, communities of color, and workers the most. Trump and his administration’s climate denial is racist, classist, and flat out dangerous.

None of these things are a done deal – no matter what Trump says. It would take a year to get to dismantling the Clean Power Plan and expand coal mining the way Trump wants. The Keystone XL pipeline still needs a permit in Nebraska to get built.

The Trump Administration wants to shock us into despair and inaction, but since inauguration we’ve seen what can happen when people in this country mobilize: Trumpcare? Withdrawn. Muslim ban? Blocked. Next we’re taking on Keystone XL, coal expansion, rollbacks to our basic rights to clean air and water—Trump’s entire fossil fuel agenda.

People power works. At the Peoples Climate March, we can show our determination and unity, and transform it into real political power.

The Trump Administration will not be able to keep its promises to their fossil fuel industry backers. Clean energy is on the rise everywhere you look. We will continue our unshakable opposition on the ground, and in the courts—every pipeline, every coal mine, every time.

Game on.


My own representative, Jim Renacci (OH-16) should be paying very close attention.

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