February 7th, 2017

Billionaire and educational lightweight, Betsy DeVos faces a split senate and the near certainty that only the tie-breakeing vote of Vice President Mike Pence can seat her as the Secretary of Education, a post she is most certainly not qualified for.

From Our Revolution:

Last week, you made over 10,000 calls and logged 40,000 minutes on the phones asking Senators to use the full 30 hours of debate time in opposition to Trump’s unqualified cabinet nominees—and they listened.

Right now, Senate Democrats are holding the floor for 24 hours and all through the night to oppose Betsy DeVos’ confirmation to Secretary of Education.The vote count in the Senate currently stands at a 50/50 tie.

You could make the call that changes the vote on our next Secretary of Education. Will you call your senators and encourage them to vote against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos? The Republicans cannot afford another defection, and we cannot afford Betsy DeVos.

If you believe in quality education for all people and rejecting big money influence in politics, this is your chance to make your voice heard and impact the future of our education system.

Not only is DeVos shockingly unqualified — her record of gutting funding from public schools and colluding with for-profit charter school CEOs risks the future of public education and the promise of a bright future for our children.

Our education system should not be doled out as a token for one of Trump’s largest campaign donors, or up for grabs by the highest bidder.

Betsy DeVos is unqualified and must be stopped – and your senator could cast the vote that will stop her. Call your senators now and demand they vote no on DeVos.

Together, we can win this vote and put a dent in Trump’s dangerous agenda.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution

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