November 9th, 2016

So, I’m off to bed at 0204. I will be very, very surprised if I don’t wake up to news of Donald Trump’s victory.

For years I have tried to tell my friends here in Cuyahoga County that there is a great dissatisfaction in the rest of Ohio—and now, clearly in the rest of the United States—with the manner in which the Democratic Party has ignored working class Americans. That dissatisfaction has festered and tonight the wounds have burst.

What we are experiencing is not a Russian Revolution nor even a French Revolution but perhaps our truly first American Revolution, a class revolution led by the most unlikely of figures.

Richard Nixon rode to the White House on the shoulders of the Silent Majority. Donald Trump is poised to repeat that victory has been elected on the shoulders of a group that is neither silent nor a majority.

Update at 0615:

Not the majority of Americans, mind you, because 44 percent of registered Americans didn’t bother to vote. That means that Donald Trump will be the 45th president of these United States because 58,799,492 registered voters cast their ballots in his favor. A majority of a minority: 23.4 percent of the voting age population cast their ballots for a President Trump.

The numbers are going to shift, a little bit, in the coming weeks, but the result will not: less than one in four Americans wanted to make America great again. The rest of us have to deal with their decision.

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