November 7th, 2016

Joanna Walters, reporting in Katharine Hayhoe, climate evangelist, takes to the web to convert nonbelieversfor The Guardian, writes:

While most US climate scientists live amid constant controversy, [Katharine] Hayhoe believes she is enduring an acute level of abuse because she reaches parts of the population many of her peers cannot reach.

She’s an evangelical Christian. Her husband is an evangelical pastor, even, in a faith whose followers are largely skeptical of climate science.

But stating the obvious doesn’t stop the hate mail. It’s stepped up a notch since the academic launched a new web series in recent weeks, Global Weirding—a twist on the term global warming—to explain to doubters why climate change is causing ever more peculiar, dangerous weather and it’s our fault.

“Oh, I’ve been called the C-word, I’ve been called an ‘eff-wit’, some really disgusting stuff. Most of it is just hateful, hateful language, a lot of it anonymous—and when it’s not nameless, 99 percent of the time it’s from a white man. Facebook and Twitter’s systems for reporting abuse are garbage, by the way,” she said.

Hayhoe is the director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where she teaches and conducts research as an atmospheric scientist and an associate professor of political science.

So far Hayhoe—I can’t hear her name without recalling a friend who used the phrase Hay-Hoe as his personal way of saying Oh Well—has produced three videos: Welcome to Global Weirding; Just how long have we known about climate change anyways? (the most important so far.) and Texas and climate change. New videos appear every other week with the next due this Wednesday, 9 November.

I’ve added her to my Blogroll. You should too.

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