September 24th, 2016

An XBAT is a Xenophobic Bigoted Anonymous Troll. Since I began following Rodney Axson’s story on The Plain Dealer‘s website I’ve identified several of these particularly odious creatures and now follow them with the intent of injecting a bit of sanity into their ravings.

I am a rabid defender of free speech as guaranteed under the First Amendment of our Constitution. All of these individuals have a perfect constitutional right to express their vile and offensive views, but, free speech cuts all ways. I, and I hope others, understand that the proper way to respond to offensive speech is never with censorship, but rather with more speech.

Just as the Klan was humiliated in Northeast Ohio a couple of decades ago by counter demonstrators who lined the path of their sad march, so too can we convince the XBATs infesting the Plain Dealer site that they are just as sad and shameful as hooded Klan members.

So, if you feel like doing a good deed and striking a blow for light and decency like one of my heroes—Stetson Kennedy—then adopt an XBAT like Col Kurtz, Razorback (originally Xafcop), Deplorable (originally Whitestorm), 66 or Todd.

Follow them and every time they drop one of their turds, write a response and let them know that you expect them to clean up their mess.

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