August 25th, 2016

roldo bartimole squareWhat got Mayor Frank Jackson so agitated that he acted as if he were the Mayor of Cleveland’s residents and not just its business community? ¶Maybe a princess kissed him and he woke up to what he’s been done in the last decade. ¶He finally admitted he was the servant of Cleveland’s powerful corporate community. Not that he put it that way. ¶He’s been giving them ANYTHING they want in denominations they ask.

It has really been a corporate internship.

“We have facilitated billions—billions—of dollars in development and wealth in this city,” Jackson said. “And all we ask is that a small portion of that come to the benefit of the people we represent. Whether they are in the building trades or contractors or the constituents who live in our neighborhoods. … So we can begin to deal with the disparity in the quality of life.”

Now he’s worried about that?

This was his cry.

You mean he hasn’t already experienced the results of his give-aways.

Somebody woke him up!

I viewed TV news coverage of his press conference, called an hour before it took place, according to one newsperson, who agreed he was unusually animated. “He was pretty worked up,” said the news person.

I tried watching the entire press conference on the city’s home channel (20) but as so much that escapes city hall it was garbled. Here’s Leila Atassi’s coverage of Jackson’s defense of his jobs measure, an exchange for the “BILLIONS” he’s given as incentive to hire city residents on the subsidized projects. That’s what the press conference involved.

The State of Ohio was cooperating. Did Jackson really expect Gov. John Kasich to repay him for favors done by allowing him to go forward with awarding Cleveland residents jobs on contracts with the city? I don’t think he’s quite that hapless. But you do have to wonder.

And you’d think the op-ed writers and the editorial board would have fun if for no other reason than it would be fun to point out the ridiculousness of Jackson’s expectations.

Another joke on the city was the piece reporting the demands of East Cleveland government from the city for the proposed merger of both East Cleveland and Cleveland.

The ridiculousness of the demands—a slew of them—brought 600 [and still growing, JH] comments thus far. If the PD editors didn’t see the absurdity, many readers did.

What you want to keep in mind is that former Council President George Forbes has some interest in land in East Cleveland he wants to see developed. A member of his law firm made that pitch to a Cleveland Council member.

Once again the geniuses at the Pee Dee aren’t taking swings at these home run balls. Instead, inviting corruption, by their silence.

When someone is indicted a decade from now, the Pee Dee will stretch itself and report it as if they are performing their duty to the public and taking bows it doesn’t deserve.

It’s called After the Fact Journalism and perfected as an art at our Morning Mouth.

By Roldo Bartimole…


  1. Gloria Hanson says:

    I guess it is better late than never for the Mayor. Does he really expect this to happen?

    Would you write about the demands of East Cleveland and what City council thinks? I don’t think I will be reading that in the PD.

  2. Thanks for commenting Gloria.

    Today the PD carries a story that Council President Kelley rejected E. Cleveland’s offer.

    I think it was made so ridiculous purposely so that it could only be rejected.

    It was more about saving E. Cleveland pols than saving E. Cleveland.

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