August 11th, 2016

As I expected, the fight against the plutocracy is moving down ticket while working to push Jill Stein’s numbers high enough to get her in the debates.

Victor Tiffany co-founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy emails:

Fellow revolutionaries,

There is a push to replace members of Congress with Berniecrats and other progressive revolutionaries. Revolt Against Plutocracy fully supports this effort.

In my Philly speech at the Bernie or bust rally on July 26th, I argued for “busting” responsibly. In the Senate, vote Blue no matter who to counter the possible consequences of the superdelegates choosing to lose behind Hillary. (Here in Ohio I will be holding my nose and voting for Ted Strickland just for this reason, JH.) I forget to add, “with one exception: Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Margaret Flowers.” She is probably the most qualified Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in American history.

Please support Flowers against her Democratic Party rival, corporate darling Chris VanHollen. Open Secrets reports his funding is coming from K Street lobbyists including people who primarily give to Republicans.

For the House, I argued we need to clean house of the dirt bags who endorsed Hillary Clinton. I interviewed Nancy Pelosi’s challenger Preston Picus, a Bernie-Independent. He’s smart, revolutionary and unabashedly progressive. You can listen to my interview with him here:

However much you have available to donate to candidates this week, please divide it between Flowers and Picus.

Near the end of my speech in Thomas Paine Plaza, I quoted Paine: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” If we do not displace the neoliberals and their corporatist agenda, the world as we know it will end all too soon. Hydrofrackers Clinton, Trump and Johnson will support policies that will see coastal cities under water in the next century.

Donating to candidates won’t take much time. We must also work hard to convince ALL of the Berniecrats you know of Jill Stein is the only candidate worth supporting. Nay-sayers like Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky are locked inside the two-party prison, but the letter many of you printed out, signed, stuffed into envelopes and sent to the superdelegates was our get-out-of-the-two-party-prison free card. The superdelegates, not revolutionaries, will be responsible for Clinton losing in November. Friends don’t let friends support #CorporateClinton, a dangerous and revolting plutocrat. Let’s work to get Stein up to 15 percent in the polls, so she can participate in the debates.

Thank you for supporting these two revolutionary candidates. We can start the world over again; indeed, we must.

In solidarity,

Victor Tiffany

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