June 24th, 2016

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Wait a minute.

The Cavs won the NBA championship?

Everyone feels great!

I don’t think so.

Because it really doesn’t change anything.

Not anything real.

We’re all losers in the actual count, money-wise.

Buy a new CAVS T-Shirt, a new cap. Whatever they’re selling.

Does that change anyone’s life? For more than a few moments.

Okay. There’s a feel good aspect to it. Fleetingly so.

But have you just spent another $10 or $20 bucks to help our millionaire ballplayers and billionaire owners?

Don’t you get it? It didn’t change your life, doesn’t make it better, and doesn’t make you better.

You bought the propaganda. Now pay the bill. See some the charges below.

Sports have become the new religion. An expensive one.

Joe Nocera in the New York Times recently laid out the revenue of the sneaker trade, part of the sports mania. He used LeBron James of the Cavs and Stephen Curry of the Warriors to illustrate the MONEY in sports. LeBron has a $500 million deal with Nike; Curry a $4-million a year deal with sneaker maker Under Armour until 2024 for $32 million, plus an equity share of the company. Nike is a $30 billion revenue last year—the sneaker “800 pound gorilla,” writes Nocera. Likely all made by “slave” labor elsewhere.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

The cheers don’t do one thing to repair our torn society.

We have already created the cash box for sports owners and teams.

Here’s the real score. Or a small beginning of it.

Cuyahoga County has let some $60 million in bonds. We must repay.

How will it be pair for? Your tax money. The following are the amounts to be spent. Already $37.7 million has been expended. Here’s how the $60 million will disappear:

Progressive Field sound system: $4,760,000.

Progressive Field scoreboard (a larger TV to watch the game you paid to watch with your ticket) $16,083,560.

Progressive Field HVAC (heating, ventilation air conditioning): $5,201,340. Surely for the luxury boxes.

Press Box Suite Glazing: $1,760,168 (Must keep the propagandists happy & secure).

Progressive Field: Various other costs, including safety & security systems: $6,754,561.

Total County approved spending for Progressive Field: $37,415,629.

Quicken Arena: Scoreboard and Digital Display: $9,357,611.

Quicken Arena: Video Production Control Room: $4,645,828.

Quicken Arena: Bowl Sound System: $1,800.000. (More noise needed?)

Quicken Arena: Roof $4,174,050.

Quicken Arena: Safety & Security: $3,090,000.

Total County approved spending for Quicken Arena: $23,067,489.

Total amount approved as “permitted” spending $60,483,118, according to a Cuyahoga County document.

How to pay this bill.

Sin taxes. Worth likely $260 million under recently passed sales taxes on booze and cigarettes. So only $200 million more to go, fans.

So, bolstered by the Plain Dealer and Chs. 3, 5, 8 & 19 cheerleaders, you bought the humbug. Now you continue to pay the price. But this year you can cheer, too.

Is it worth the price?

By Roldo Bartimole…

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  1. Norman Lange says:

    Are you telling me I won’t receive a dividend check for my “investment” in Gateway?

  2. Norman: Glad you keep your sense of humor. You can wait for the dividend but you won’t live long enough to receive it.

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