June 16th, 2014


Today’s headlines include:

Local News

Patriotic salute
WSCC can offer tuition guarantee
Confrontation with deputy leads to man’s arrest
Two rescued from duplex fire
Car show has special meaning

Top Headlines Poll: What do you think about online deals to buy pets?

(For comparison’s sake, I’ve added a link to the The Anchor News to these posts.)

What’s going on here


2 Responses to “NOT THE MARIETTA TIMES…”

  1. Ex of devola says:

    Good morning, Jeff ,I agree the story on mental health first aid is very timely. The exchange you posted between the two posters sums up the confusion about the subject. It seems every time there is serial killing , the shooter often has mental issues and access to guns. I agree with Jane that mentally ill people should not have access to guns, but its easy to appear perfectly fine when you buy a gun, or you can do it on the Internet. I also agree the the other poster George W Bush that it is important to be able to do something to understand those with mental issues.
    Years ago, the training healthcare workers got was minimal at best, mainly avoiding comments or behavior ,anything that might set off the person with mental issues. Many people are afraid and have no clue what to do. I’d like to take a course too. But hopefully the course will not be a one size fits all , ( with bipolar ,try this ‘) because there are some many different ways certain types of these illnesses affect different people.
    On your letter of the editor, Fred . It is a shame that key phrases were redacted. It does not surprise me though. For neither of the tv station or the local papers, not one made mention that they were very tardy in their reporting of actual incident. Had the London paper scoop ,not been pointed out to them for their piece, I doubt either paper would have even mentioned it. No reports, so that means did not happen! I do not think WTAP ever reported it. It is just odd, the things that don’t get reported amaze me. Have a good day.

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good afternoon EOD,

      We recently lost one of the key members of our intervention team, a brilliant social worker, at a school where I teach.

      One of the many lessons I learned from her was to remember the mantra: when you’ve met one person with Condition A, you know one person with Condition A.

      All children have special needs, we just ignore most of them.

      Do all you can to make today a better day,


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