April 18th, 2014

Mano Singham writes:

The issue of college athletes being recognized as employees and having the right to unionize has resulted in a lot of information coming out about them. I had not realized that athletes at those universities that have big sports programs have to practice and watch game films and the like for fifty or more hours per week. That is shocking because that would leave them hardly any time to attend classes, let alone study for them. No wonder that this breeds the practice of bogus classes that they sign up for in order to maintain their academic standing.

It is a far cry from my university where we field teams but academics come first. We are nerds and proud of it. Some of my best students have been athletes and I have had students who, if an exam conflicts with a game, would skip the game and take the exam, even though I was willing to give a make-up exam. (There was a widespread belief among students that physics make up exams were harder than the regular ones.)

In his post, Mano embeds Jon Stewart’s commentary and Keith Knight nails the hypocrisy.

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