February 6th, 2013

Roldo Bartimole writes:

We have a No Fault Cleveland City Hall.

– A No Fault Mayor Frank Jackson.
– A No Fault Police Chief Frank McGrath.
– A No Fault Safety Director Marty Flask.
– A No Fault Cleveland Police Force.

HELL, nobody’s responsible for Anything in Cleveland.

What a wonderful world where no one is to blame for anything. The best of all worlds. No consequences. Impunity to them all.
Except for those who suffer the consequences of this madness. Two dead citizens and their families.

Apparently in Jackson’s world no one who works for him merits any blame for anything.

Jackson rejects the findings by Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine’s report that the police chase and gunning down of two citizens was a “systemic failure” and a failure of “command” and “communications.” This rejection is totally unacceptable.

This simple dodge should not be allowed to pass.

Jackson’s remarks fully backing McGrath and Flask reveal a delinquency on his part of major proportions.

In his first week of office in 2006 Jackson said that “excessive force shall not be tolerated.” He was reacting then to a rash of police shootings. This was a perfect warning.

What happened to that Frank Jackson?

Here was a new day, Mayor Jackson was warning police on the “use of force.”

We didn’t get a “new day.” We got the same old excuses for poor, if not criminal, police work.
By his remarks in reaction to DeWine’s report the Mayor now says, “I’ll look the other way on the misuse of massive police force.”

What kind of lesson is this? What does this say to the community?

The even larger problem is that no one seems to be calling the Mayor to task.

Jackson got testy to a reporter’s question of whether the chief’s resignation was in order and cut off the reporter who asked a reasonable and apt question.

He should be asking for resignations. I can’t remember a similar situation where a mayor wouldn’t be under severe pressure to get rid of people who are serving him so badly.

Maybe he’s the one who should resign.

Sixty-two patrol cars, 59 without permission, 137 bullets in less than a half minute in a pursuit violating police procedure of two or three cars, certainly met DeWine’s assessment of a system failure. Who could believe differently?

The discrepancy of whether the two killed had a gun, were actually firing a gun, did not have a gun, were not firing a gun, or had a soda can can’t be divorced from an out-of-control mad, uncalled-for pursuit of a car that backfired.

A backfire misjudged as a gunshot cause this mayhem.

That says a whole lot about the mentality of the Cleveland police force.

It is not under control. It is not managed. It is not governed.

It needs an outside force – the U. S. Justice Department – to examine and force correction.

There is only one place now to put the blame. At the top. At Mayor Jackson’s desk.

This is happening on his watch. It is his responsibility.

Yet, I don’t see anyone telling this mayor he has no cover from these responsibilities.

Much of the responsibility is with the press. It has allowed this mayor to get away with much too much. It has left the public uninformed.

It is what it is.

And it doesn’t take much observation to know it.


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