November 6th, 2012

Roldo Bartimole writes:

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how inventive politicians can be to support the unsupportable.

Long-time Councilman Joe Cimperman’s quote in the Plain Dealer supporting bridges over streets that debase historic buildings downtown is a model of deceit. Then Joe always was putty in the hands of downtown developers. Joe is so self-serving. Don’t think he can even recognize it anymore. Sad.

Here’s what the PD says Cimperman said about two over-the-street bridges that would connect downtown structures:

“We are talking about projects that yield jobs.” And, “Historic preservation, at its heart, is still about economic development.”

No and no.

In fact, bridges could mean fewer jobs as suburbanites drive into downtown Cleveland, visit their destination and NEVER step foot on the streets of Cleveland. They are spared the contamination of walking the city’s streets. Thanks Joe.

Secondly, historic preservation is about preserving our history not making room for some profit-making venture. Must everything in life require a profit? It seems so with these people.

Cimperman – to help his business friends – will be inventive and creative, even if unreasonable. After all, they are his contributors.

Joe has spent so much time and effort serving downtown interests that he no longer remembers why he first ran for City Council. The long-ago youth of idealism and compassion. It so quickly disappeared. It so decisively vanished.

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