July 21st, 2012

Roldo Bartimole writes:

Can we bring back Tom Chema?


Well, he’d fit right into Cleveland’s present leadership.

How desperate can we be?

Old, tired, used up. Choose your choice of description for Cleveland’s leadership these days.

Mayor Frank Jackson. Top of the list of old, tired politicians with no vision though the Plain Dealer and Gov. John Kasich keep try to give him some luster.

Mayor Frank Jackson’s executive line-up? Tired old Mike White hand-downs: Ken Silliman, chief of give-them-what-the-mayor-wants. Still there. Chris Warren still hanging on. Jackson let the fire chief go despite his mess-ups and can’t seem to replace the law director who left nine months ago. Who would notice the difference? Who might be paying attention? Apparently no one.

Even Mike Polensek seems to have settled down some. Haven’t read a nasty letter of his for some time.

Then there’s George Forbes. Still in the saddle, if a bit wobbly. Why does anyone care what he thinks or says? But they can’t find anyone else. It’s that bad.

Oh yeah, once in a while it’s Lou Stokes. Boring.

These guys must be 100 years old. Certainly 100 in overstaying their welcome.

But who is there to usher them off stage?

Then there’s Joe Roman. The PD thinks he’s a Roman god. Let’s quote him again on whatever he wants to say.

God, this town is dull!

One might even expect George Voinovich to pop up.

Please! Somebody wake somebody up.

I used to have hope for Joe Cimperman. Long, long ago. What a dud he turned out to be.

Jeff Johnson came back. I had hope. But then he didn’t.

Even Ruth Turner learned to go along to get along. Back in the pack.

We’re old, tired and dull other places, too.

Look at the PD line-up of columnists. Phillip Morris went away for seasoning. He came back without even a hint of salty. He quickly jumped back to Jean Capers and copper Jimmy Simone. How many times do we have to hear the same worn tunes?

Then there’s boring with a capital “B” Kevin O’Brien with his handouts from the Tea Party or are they as old and tattered as John Birch leftovers. He’s wearing it out.

I don’t read Regina Brett so I’ll leave her alone. You can take so much boredom in the a.m.

And Dick Feagler. He’s still giving us that old shtick from the Cleveland Press. Isn’t WVIZ embarrassed? Can’t they find someone who isn’t grand–popping us?

And I’m still here, too. Long past the day I should just be reading books. But what can I do? I could shut up I guess. But they make this so easy.

TV anchors are still yukking it up. Totally absent of content.

The trouble is that I see all the above hanging on and low. And I didn’t even get to Brent Larkin. Woe be us.

Meanwhile, as everyone keeps doing what they’ve been doing since 1976 what’s happening out in the real community? Where the bulk of the people live, exist, try to survive.

We have no idea. They’re invisible people.


  1. Roldo Bartimole says:

    I did mean wviz-ideastream. See what I mean?


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