March 10th, 2012

If I were to make a deal with the devil it would be this: I want to live peacefully and in good health until I have read every book that I want to read.

This morning I’m doing a bit of a spring cleaning of files on my hard drive and one of the tasks involves consolidating a number of lists into one of 43 (yes, those 43) files. I’m always jotting down the authors and titles of books I think I ought to read and in just a few minutes I’ve assembled the list below which, if I did noting else, could easily fill the balance of the year.

Earlier this year I promised myself that I would buy no new books or take any books out of the library until I had finished reading a short list. I’m holding to that pledge (mostly, more on that elsewhere in the near future) and so I’m not going to be reading these book in 2012, but maybe next year.

My question to my readers is this: do you have a system for dealing with your reading list? How has your system worked for you?

99 Drams of Whiskey by Kate Hopkins; An Experiment In Criticism by C;S; Lewis; Aspects of the Novel by E.M. Forster; Bleak House by Charles Dickens; Bringing it to the table by Wendell Berry; Burmese Lessons by Karen Connelly; Burnt Books by Roger Kamenetz; Calculus For Dummies by Michael Kelley; Cleveland Papers, The by Roldo Bartimole; Crack In Everything, The by Alicia Ostriker; David Copperfield by Charles Dickens; Death of Crazy Horse by Thomas Powers; Democracy’s Prisoner by Ernest Freeburg; Dewey by Vicki Myron; DIY U: Edupunk Eduprenuers by Anya; Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72 by Hunter S; Thompson; Gonzo Republic: Hunter S; Thompson’s America by William Stephenson; Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson; Hard Times by Charles Dickens; Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens; Introduction to Liberation Theology by Theodore Baff; Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell; Letters of John Keats by John Keats; Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens; Mountain Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder; Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens; On Writing by Eudora Welty; Rhetoric of Fiction, The by Wayne Booth and Super Capitalism by Robert Reich.

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