May 10th, 2006

Cleveland’s Limerick Savant is hosting a blogosphere Mothers’ Day event this weekend. I like the idea of a chance to demonstrate that not all bloggers are cold, soulless political hacks who will do anything for a free mea or at least a bottled beer. Some of us even carve darling pascal lambs out of butter. Limerick Savant proposes…

…a sort of Carnival of Moms to be hosted at this blog. Many of you will probably be posting wishes of the day on your own blogs and I ask that you send me the URLs so that I may post a link and a comment. For those of you that are not yet blogging, (why not?) please send me your Mothers’ Day thoughts and I will post them as well.

Naturally, I am especially interested in limericks, poems or songs to, or about, mothers; but all submissions, serious or comic, will be accepted. The submissions may be sent directly to me at limericksavantATSYMBOLgmail.com by Saturday, May 13.

Let’s see:

There once was a mother who threw
out her baby and bathwater too.
She lamented her loss,
’twas the luck of the toss,
But she was so sick and tired of the poo.

I know. I can do better

My Soundtrack: Happy by The Wrens on WOXY.


  1. Thanks, Jeff. I’m using that one… if you ever finalize it. I noticed it changed while I was writing this comment.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom LS,

    It’s safe now. I won’t mess with it anymore.



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