This is a page in transition. You can read all of my chapbook entries in the old forum format which I am in the process of converting to the Word Press page format.

So far I have transferred, as well as added:

Art of Fiction, The in the Paris Review
Art Of Writing, The by Lu Chi
Available Light by Marge Piercy
Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax
Bradbury Speaks by Ray Bradbury
Charlestonian’s Recollections, A, by Daniel Elliot Huger Smith
Chronicle by St-John Perse
Coffee: A Dark History by Anthony Wild
Cold Silence by Jeff Hess
Courage To Write, The: How Writers Transcend Fear by Ralph Keyes
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Curry
Demon-Haunted World, The by Carl Sagan
Doing A Job by Hyman Rickover
early GRRRL by Marge Piercy
Echoing Silence by Thomas Merton
Farming: A Hand Book by Wendell Berry
Food Rules by Michael Pollan
From Where You Dream by Robert Olen Butler
Good Citizens by Thich Nhat Hahn
Given Poems by Wendell Berry
Growing Up King by Dexter Scott King
House Of Seven Gables, The by Nathaniel Hawthorne
How To Be A Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci
How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big by Scott Adams
Incognito by David Eagleman
Journeying Boy, The by Jon Manchip White
Kurt Vonnegut: Letters edited by Dan Wakefield
Labyrinths: Walking Toward The Center by Gernot Candolini
Life Interrupted by Spalding Gray
Lion and The Unicorn, The by George Orwell
Living The Writer’s Life by Eric Maisel
Man Without A Country, A. by Kurt Vonnegut
Midnight Disease, The: The Drive to Write… and the Creative Brain by Alice W Flaherty
Midrash and Literature edited by Geoffrey H. Hartman and Sanford Budick
Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays
Mrs. Lincoln, A Life by Catherine Clinton
Myth Of Sisyphus, The by Albert Camus
Now Is The Time To OpenYour Heart by Alice Walker
Noodle Maker, The by Ma Jian
Opening The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Our Endangered Values: America”s Moral Crisis by President Jimmy Carter
Parallels and Paradoxes by Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said
Perfume of the Desert: Inspirations… by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut
Politics And The English Language by George Orwell
Prose Guide to Understanding and Writing Poetry. by Mary Oliver
Pushout by Monique Morris
Race Matters by Cornel West
Radical Innocent: Upton Sinclair by Anthony Arthur
Rational Mysticism by John Horgan
Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi
Room Of One’s Own, A by Virginia Wolf
Sacred Geometry by Robert Lawlor
Seducing The Demon by Erica Jong
Seventh Telling: The Qabalah of Moshe Katan – A Novel, The by Mitchell Chefitz
Spiritual Judaism by David Ariel
Shelby Foote: A Writer’s Life by C. Stuart Chapman
So You Want to Write by Marge Piercy
Stormy Search For The Self by Christina and Stanislav Grof
Story: Substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting by Robert McKee
Story of O, The by Dominique Aury
Strategy For Daily Living, A by Ari Kiev
Sweeping Changes: …Zen in Your Home by Gary Thorp
Talking Dirty To The Gods
by Yusef Komunyakaa
Telling Lies For Fun And Profit by Lawrence Block
Ten Rules For Writing Fiction from The Guardian
Third Industrial Revolution, The by Jermey Rifkin
This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate by Naomi Klein
This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley
Three-Hour Diet Cookbook, The by Jorge Cruise
Thrillers: Genesis and Structure of a Popular Genre by Jerry Palmer
Time Power by Charles Hobbs
Tin Roof Blowdown, The by James Lee Burke
Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings by Edward Espe Brown
Traveling Mercies, Some Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott
Undaunted: My Struggle For Freedom and Survival in Burma by Zoya Phan
War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For by Alice Walker
We Need To Talk by Celeste Headlee
Why Buddhism Is True by Robert Wright
Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by Roy Baumeister
Writing Life, The edited by Marie Arana
Zen of Creativity, The: Cultivating Your Artistic Life by John Daido Loori
Zohar, Annotated And Explained by Daniel C. Matt

And then there is this reading list:

Nineteen Books That Have Shaped My World.


  1. Daniella says:


    This is wonderful, I love books all kinds of subjects and by all authors and this is total book glutony. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Daniella,

    You’re most welcome. I do hope you find something of value.



  3. Christine says:

    Is Seducing the Demon by Erica Jong along the same lines as her book entitled ‘Witches’? Witches is one of my favorites in my library!

  4. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Christine,

    First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly, for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s all about the conversation.

    Seducing The Demon is an autobiographical book that focuses on Jong’s writing life. I haven’t read Witches, so I have nothing to compare it to.



  5. moos says:

    Jeff, I’ve been told that I need a twelve step program for my book addiction.

  6. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Moos,

    I’d be lost without libraries.



  7. Rebekah says:

    Have you read Zenna Henderson?

    My mom was a science fiction fan in the 50s – when she’d have to send her brother into the “adult” store to get her books, because they weren’t SOLD to girls… she read the Stories of the People in magazines, and had an old paperback collection. When I discovered Internet shopping, i looked for other books, and found Ingathering. I’ve successfully given it as gifts, twice.

    My mom is aging, and I’m hoping to find the others in large print so she can see them. If not, i’ll see if she can stomach my voice long enough to have me read them to her, the way she read to me.

    One of my fondest memories is a snapshot of my little brother at the table, waiting for breakfast. He must have been pre-teen. Sun shining on him as he read I Robot for the first time. (Stepford Wives made NO sense to me; didn’t levin know ANYTHING about the Laws of Robotics?)

  8. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Rebekah,

    I first read Zenna Henderson in Fantasy & Science Fiction when I was a teenager.



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