August 31st, 2005

Brace yourself folks! The price of gasoline on Lee road just jumped 57 cents! The Shell station across the street from the Phoenix coffee house on Lee went from $2.52.9 to $3.09.9. A quick check of Cleveland Gas Prices shows that the $3.09.9 price is an agreed upon price with B.P., Marathon, Speedway, Citgo and Sunoco all posting identical prices as of 10:49 this morning.

It was inflation driven by energy costs that ultimately produced the malaise that President Ronald Regan rode into the White House. Is it any wonder that President George Bush finally decided to cut short his vacation? (And, I’m sorry, I don’t buy that it has anything to do with compassion for the human tragedy in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Oil is threatened. Enough said.)

Well, maybe not really enough said. Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ two bits.

My Soundtrack: Latest Breaking News by Immaculate Machine on WOXY.

3 Responses to “GASOLINE JUMPS 57 CENTS…!”

  1. adam harvey says:

    I filled up yesterday, $42 bucks. And my carpooling partner just moved to NYC. Also, that WOXY song is the most eeriestly appropriatest of all, both title AND band.

  2. […]

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    Wednesday 31 August 2005

    Lovely. Glad I filled up. Looks like it’s time to start riding the bike more.


  3. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Adam and George,

    I filled up yesterday too, at $2.459/gallon for a total of $32. That same tank of gas would run me $40 this afternoon. That’s a whopping 25 percent increase in less than 24 hours.

    My car just officially became business only. If I can’t walk, ride my bike, carpool or take public transportation somewhere, it’s off my recreation list.



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