February 12th, 2018

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What’s a Republican member of Congress to do when the lamestream media refuses to publish their truth? Go around, of course.

David Siders, writing in Devin Nunes creates his own alternative news site: Embattled California congressman finds a way to bypass the mainstream media for Politico, explains:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a relentless critic of the media, has found a way around the often unflattering coverage of his role in the Trump-Russia investigation — by operating his own partisan news outlet.

Resembling a local, conservative news site, “The California Republican” is classified on Facebook as a “media/news company” and claims to deliver “the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis.”

But the website is paid for by Nunes’ campaign committee, according to small print at the bottom of the site. Leading the home page most recently: a photograph of Nunes over the headline, “Understanding the process behind #ReleaseTheMemo.”

Normally I would say that the story was a non-starter; you know, along the line of politician lies, but Nunes is not the average Republican in Congress, he’s the chair of the Intelligence Committee and President Donald John Trump’s bitch minion.

Siders continues:

The outlet includes stories dating from mid-2017, when it was registered by a Fresno-area communications consultant, Alex Tavlian. Nunes’ campaign has paid Tavlian’s company, Sultana Media, $7,773 since July for “advertising; digital advertising management.”

Reached Saturday, Tavlian said his company registered several domains for Nunes’ campaign. But he said he did not manage “The California Republican” and was unfamiliar with it.

Most of the stories on the site are not about Nunes. But the power to self-publish and to bypass the mainstream media would hold special appeal for a lawmaker who has long complained about “fake news” and “anti-Trump, anti-Republican” coverage.

Nunes has come under intense scrutiny for his handling of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Last month, the editorial board of the dominant newspaper in Nunes’ district, The Fresno Bee, called Nunes “Trump’s stooge,” accusing him of “doing dirty work for House Republican leaders trying to protect President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation.”

Why would Nunes, why would anyone, shamelessly throw their dignity on the dumpster fire? I think the answer is simple. The Sweet Potato Saddam* in the oval office rewards loyalty above all else and, barring some extraordinary occurrence, he will still be a billionaire when he leaves office meaning that those loyal to him now expect to reap extraordinary rewards in the private sector.

Nunes house seat in California is considered safe, but his opponent in the fall isn’t convinced:

Andrew Janz, Nunes’ main Democratic challenger in his reelection bid, did not hold back. Told of the website’s existence by POLITICO, he derided the publication as “typical Devin Nunes.”

“He’s got fake memos, fake websites and fake news,” Janz said. “It’s disappointing to see a member of Congress, especially one who chairs an important committee, spread misinformation to his constituents, who he knows will just eat it up.”

That last is unfortunate really dumb, dissing the people you want to represent is never a winner. I would say Janz just tanked his campaign with that comment. He would have been better to follow the lead of Danica Roem in Virginia.

*I stole this from Michael Arceneaux.

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