February 10th, 2018

(Welcome Scene readers. Lest you be confused, this is just the teaser for Roldo’s 5,000-word, two piece, Part I of which—50 YEARS—FREE TO SPEAK WITHOUT RESTRICTION—appears below. Part II will be published at 5 a.m. on Wednesday. JH)

How could 50 years have passed so quickly? Starting in 1968 with Point Of Viəw, Vol. 1, No. 1 and all of a sudden it’s 2018. How did it happen? What made it happen?

Sometimes you just can’t let go. I find it difficult. It’s been a journey of Cleveland for five decades.

Carl Stokes, George Forbes, Dennis Kucinich, Michael White, Frank Jackson, Art Modell, Mike Polensek, Nick Mileti, Dick Jacobs, Mary Boyle, Alex Machaskee, Sam Miller, Al Ratner, Mary Rose Oakar, Tom Vail, Ralph Perk, James C. Davis, Tim Hagan, CEI, United Way, Squire-Sanders, Jones-Day, the Plain Dealer, the Press, Cleveland police. How many more make up this period?

They and so many more all helped make 50 years a tough, demanding but useful way to spend a life-time of work.

There’s a time, however, to sum up.

There will be a summing up—from Bridgeport, Conn. to Cleveland, Ohio—the tell of a journey of, as another has said, Shaming of Devils and Telling Truth to Power.

The journey of a reporting career covering five decades of Cleveland political, civic and philanthropic history from one man’s perspective will be following in Have Coffee Will Write.



  1. crlodge says:

    Life is about the journey. You have had a great one.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning CR,

    First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly for taking the time to enter the discussion by writing a comment. We build our communities with our conversations.

    Second, just so you know, the journey continues.



  3. Nina McLellan says:

    Look forward to your 50 year review —
    An amazing record and much appreciated.

  4. DJMcGraw says:

    Some Slovene from the St. Vitus parish: Z enim udarcem ne podreš hrasta. (Little strokes fell great oaks).

  5. Carol Poh says:

    Roldo, As I have told you before, your story deserves a book.

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good afternoon Carol,

      First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly for taking the time to enter the discussion by writing a comment. We build our communities with our conversations.

      Second, you’re not the only one advocating for such a book.

      From your lips to Roldo’s ears.



  6. Sandy Theis says:

    Roldo, you have been doing what journalists are supposed to do: Outrage people, make them laugh and make them think. The reader thanks you.

  7. So happy to hear from you all.

    CR, we thought it was you so I checked with Kate to be sure. Your thought means a lot to me. Keep going and Ann too.

    Nina, as always, your words are well appreciated so I thank you.

    Dan, love that thought of taking small swings and hoping they knock down the undeserving biggies. You keep up your work, too.

    Carol, thanks for your encouragement as always. It’s good to have appreciative friend as you.

    Sandy, thank you. I know you’ve fought some of the same battles.

    Jeff, I thank you for allowing me to hitch-hike with you for years and you’ve never wavered in your support.

    I hope what we’ve teased about here achieves the promise of my recollections.

  8. gloria says:

    One of my first subscriptions following my arrival in Cleveland Heights in 1979 was to ‘Point of View.” I miss it, but ‘Have Coffee, Will Write’ fills in the gap.

    My late husband, Richard (your classmate at Northeastern) enjoyed the writing and the background information, too. I wish I could time travel back in time to have him and ‘Point of View’ back again.

  9. Gloria: I wish I could fulfill your wish to bring Richard back but I know I can’t. Just as I can’t bring POV back. That’s such a nice desire to express here. Thank you.

  10. Edward Olszewski says:

    Bravo Roldo! We need you now more than ever, and for the next fifty years. We also need a daily newspaper with journalistic reporters who can ferret out the missteps of our elected officials.

  11. Susan says:

    if not for your clear, concise reporting, how in the world would we ever know where the money has gone? thank you for the full accounting of CLE tax dollars and the politics behind those flows.

  12. Susan: You’ve always been one to spur me on as only you can. Thank you. Roldo

  13. Roldo, I am so glad we met when we did in 2016 in Cleveland. I’m uneducated in Cleveland politics, so you’ve become my instructor, providing background and context. If Ohio had a hall of fame for independent reporters/journalists, you would be the headliner. I humbly follow in your footsteps. Too bad our mainstream media and its major players, including the PD and Dispatch, refuse to include the likes of you and me in their coverage, maybe because we shame them by writing what they refuse to write. A long-time friend from Cleveland stopped by over a month ago, and we talked politics. He brought your name up. I was so glad to tell him we were in touch. Keep going, my friend. JMS

  14. Thank you JMS. I equally enjoyed meeting you after reading your work. And I hope to be able to read your takes on our phony governor when he tries to play act his way to the Republican nomination for President. He seems to have suckered a number of national reporters. But you’ll tell them the truth.

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