January 14th, 2018

What happens when the Republican Party can no longer control it’s own crazies?

Well, first you get President Donald John Trump. But that’s not enough for Trump’s minions. They need more. Much, much more.

So, they got Roy Moore, the cowboy who had no clue how to ride a horse (and the horse knew it). You’d think that would be a wake-up call, but no. The Republican party is about to double-down on crazy and unelectable. Remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

He’s the guy pardoned by President Trump last August, and Arpaio is very appreciative of that pardon. So much so that he’s running for the U.S. Senate seat opened up by the announced retirement of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

The editors of National Review are freaking. In No, Joe, they write:

The Alabama Senate race was disastrous for Republicans, who found themselves apologizing for a crackpot accused of serious and potentially criminal wrongdoing. Republicans have the opportunity to avoid repeating the error in Arizona where former sheriff Joe Arpaio, a publicity-made abusive lawman and convicted criminal pardoned by President Trump, plans to seek the GOP nomination. Republicans should say no to Sheriff Joe.

But will they? Do voters in Arizona read New Republic? A few do, I’m sure, but not enough.

The editors conclude:

A limelight-seeking octogenarian petty criminal, a serial abuser of police power, a man who oversaw inhuman and indeed homicidal brutality committed against blind and paralyzed prisoners in his custody, a preening huckster of the first order: Arizona Republicans owe it to themselves to do better.

It’s hard to imagine how they could do worse.

Oh no it’s not. (OK, so maybe not worse, but the Republican bar has been set pretty feckin’ low.)

Clearly the editors suffer from a serious lack of imagination.

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