January 9th, 2018

I met Aaron Godfrey briefly at the December Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus meeting in Middleburg Height. He’s a bit raw in a good way and because I believe that early money is best, I’ve already made a contribution to his campaign. I’ll be making another when I buy a ticket to his Kick-Off fundraiser at the end of the month. You should too.

Godfrey writes:

Please join us on Wednesday, January 31st from 5:30-7:30pm for the kickoff fundraiser for Aaron Godfrey’s campaign for Ohio’s 16th District US House seat! It will be held at Zig’s Pub & Grill, at 1854 Snow Road in Parma. With your $35 ticket, you’ll be able to have your fill of pizza, wings, salad, pop, and domestic beers!

Questions? Feel free to email at godfreyforcongress@gmail.com or cathybelt@att.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Aaron Godfrey is a lifelong progressive running for the Democratic nomination to represent Ohio’s 16th District in the United States House of Representatives. Coming from a lower-class family, and struggling to get into and stay a part of America’s middle class, he knows the struggles facing countless Ohioans today. He knows from firsthand experience how hard it is to obtain a quality education, and how you pay for that education. He has felt personally the pain caused by a broken healthcare system, and he knows (as well as his family and most of his friends) the challenges that wage stagnation create.

If elected to the US House, Aaron will be fighting hard to protect every-day Americans – not the wealthy elite. He will support the Affordable Care Act, and work to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality healthcare. He will fight to resolve the student loan debt crisis by advocating avenues for relief, while working to pass legislation that will completely revamp how student loan debt is handled in this country, to bring real relief to a generation drowning in debt. Beyond that, he will do everything he can to make college accessible and affordable for everyone who wants to attend, and make sure that job training programs—such as vocational schools—exist for those who do not want to pursue a college career. Additionally, Aaron will run his office as transparently as the law allows, while doing everything he can to remain accessible to the people, whether via online communication, or frequent town halls across the district.

In short—Aaron Godfrey is running for Congress to do the work of the people. To represent them, and bring their issues to DC: not the issues of the over-represented rich. For too long, the 16th has been represented by a Congressman and a party that do not care about the voice or the will of the people. Aaron is here to change that—because, like you, he’s sick of not having any real representation in Congress.

Jim Bupkis Renacci is moving his car-selling skills elsewhere—hopefully to Walmart—and the field to replace his vacated seat is already heating up. I’ve told Aaron that I’ll do what I can to help his campaign because I’m discovering that North Royalton is not as conservative as I first thought.

I hope to see you at Zig’s.

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