December 27th, 2017

We begin, we end; we are born and we die. Some pass on their DNA. Some do not. What transpires between those two bookends of existence has no meaning beyond that which we choose to imbue our seconds, minutes, hours and days. Most of us suck at creating meaning. A few do not; but in the end we’re all worm food as forgotten as Ozymandias.

The goal is to learn something about how to answer that most fundamental question: How ought we to live our lives? p. 15

From How To Be A Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy To Live A Modern Life by Massimo Picliucci

Ought is a loaded word. A judgmental word that psychologists caution against. If I don’t do what I ought to do then I’m a bad person. I know my duty and I ought to do it, else I am horrible. Ought is embedded in our genes. Humans who did what they ought to do, passed on their genes. Those who did not, did not. That makes sense in the abstract, but fails in the specific.

Douglas Adams may have been onto something. Could 42 be how we ought to live our lives and we’re all players in Deep Thought’s million-year program to determine the real question?


Found in my electronic chapbook.

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