December 19th, 2017

[Update @ 1600 on 20 December: In what may be one of the most surprising internet events, Ta-Nehisi Coates, in response to the events surrounding Cornel West’s interview with The Guardian tweeted today:

171219 ta-nehisi coates cornel west twitter

Writing in Ta-Nehisi Coates quits Twitter after public row with Cornel West for The Guardian, Jamiles Lartey has the details, but Damn!]

171219 cornel west ta-nehisi coates white supremecy

I plan on writing much, much more about this tomorrow, but Michael Harriot’s From an Ex-Neoliberal: Why Ta-Nehisi Coates Keeps Talking About White Supremacy is the place to start.

For now, I’ll suggest watching the brief exchange above and reading Cornel West’s response to the question: What is a Neoliberal?

Well, “neoliberal” is somebody of any color who sees a social problem and does three things; privatize, financialize and militarize. You’ve got a problem in the schools, privatize the schools, push back public education. Bring in the financiers, the profiteers. Make money on the test, make money on the teachers while you push out the teachers unions, and then you militarize the schools. You bring in security. We’ve got precious young brothers and sisters in the hoods going to schools like you and I going through the airport. That’s the militarization of the schools. Police, the same way. Outsource, militarize right across the board, so that a neoliberal is somebody who is obsessed with markets.

Mano Singham, in recent months, has written more than a little on this question: Why neoliberals hate being called neoliberals; Neoliberalism explained; The neoliberal policing of the left; and Cornel West rejects attempts by neoliberals to co-opt him.

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