December 11th, 2017

[Update @ 2300: Trevor Noah makes his case…]

In 14 hours the polls open in Alabama and we will discover what kind of nation we live in.

Much has been made about two 14-year-old girls—Denise McNair and Leigh Corfman—in the special election to decide between a man who successfully convicted McNair’s murderer in 2002 and the man accused of molesting Corfman in 1979. That is the narrative that much of the nation knows.

Michael Harriot, writing in Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Has Nothing to Do With Little Girls; It’s About White Supremacy for The Root, has another focus:

The electoral death match between Senate candidates Roy Moore and Doug Jones is billed by news outlets across the country as a fight between a child molester and a civil rights hero. Every article written about it alternately examines how Moore preyed on junior varsity cheerleaders or Doug Jones convicted the bombers of one of the most heinous acts of racial terrorism in the history of this country.

It is all a ruse.

Tuesday’s election has little to do with the bodies of little girls—whether they are the ones whose praying bodies were dismembered by the bombs of Ku Klux Klansmen or violated by the preying hands of Roy Moore. It is about the Republican Party’s history of duping poor white voters to vote against their own self-interests so GOP powerbrokers can sustain their stranglehold on the Solid South. It is about the legacy of racism, slavery and inequality.

It is about white supremacy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I won’t pretend to pull the nuggets from Harriot’s prose. Just go read the whole damn piece.


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