November 16th, 2017

[Update @ 0416 on 17 November—Finally, another journalist has picked up the story: Sam Allard, reporting in Bikers for Trump are Not Congressman Jim Renacci’s Private Security Detail for Scene, writes:

According to Renacci spokesman James Slepian, they were not. Bikers for Trump weren’t serving as security guards at the Nov. 4 event, nor have they been retained by Renacci’s campaign in any capacity.

So, the next question has to be: if their not private security, and they weren’t invited by the host or Renacci, what were they doing there?]

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So, I don’t know why this story isn’t being played more broadly, but reading my local free weekly newspaper, The North Royalton Post, this evening I can across this headline: Bikers for Trump eject serial protester from Renacci campaign event. Reporting for The Post, staff writer Bob Morehead writes:

It was supposed to be a routine stump speech to a hand-picked, friendly crowd, Nov. 4.

U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci was at the Galehouse Tree Farm to reinforce his bid for Ohio governor in 2018. The event was billed as a “Fall Meet and Greet” with small business owners and farmers.

“The congressman plans on speaking about the need for positive change of the business climate in Ohio and how his ideas will help small business and farmers in Ohio grow and expand,” the advance notice read.

Before Renacci arrived and took the microphone, though, there was a disturbance in the back of the room.

“I guess Mr. Renacci doesn’t want to answer questions from his constituents,” a man shouted.

The man, later identified as John Leonard, 59, of Medina, then shouted “Get your hands off me! I’m leaving! Get your hands off me!” and was pushed, jacket over his head to restrain his arms, out of the building by an armed member of Bikers for Trump as another member of the group opened the door.

The story was first posted on Saturday, 4 November, and updated no Wednesday 8 November.

Now, nearly a week later, I just checked and found no mention of the story except in the original.

How is it possible that a candidate for governor of the State of Ohio can have, or allow, armed members of a motorcycle club to act as his private security and get no notice from statewide media?

Has everyone forgotten Altamont?

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