October 10th, 2017

First, Michael Harriot:

In the 241 years of America’s existence, we have purposely ignored the important topic that lingers over this country’s constant pursuit of happiness. Until we can come to grips with this pressing dilemma and confront it head-on, we can never hope for peace, justice and equality. For too long we have allowed ourselves to look the other way, blithely neglecting the one thing that could possibly heal the racial divide that cripples our great nation:

We need to talk about white people.

That’s how Harriot, writing in We Need to Have a Conversation About White People for The Root, begins his essay.

Time and time again I have said, written, preached that I fully recognize that as a white, male born in the United States, I am a member, by no merit of my own, of an elite group that stands on the backs of most of the other billions of humans on Earth. The gaps between myself and Bill Gates are smaller than those between myself and most of the world. Part of our existential challenge is recognizing that the former are far less important than the latter.

I won’t attempt to cherry pick the rest of Harriot’s excellent essay.

Read. Enjoy.

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