September 25th, 2017

Driving between students today I was blown away by how every, and I mean every, radio news show focused on one story: President Donald John Trump’s appeal to his minions with his fire the sons of bitches meme. You might argue that Trump has distracted us from yet another zombie blowing up, but I don’t think he’s that clever. I think he just wanted to hear some cheering in Alabama.

As I wrote earlier, Trump has singlehandedly taken what was a smoldering issue—the plague of violence and murder rained down upon black men in America by police—and poured high-test gasoline on the embers to create a bonfire so as to unite even some of his most fervent supporters against him.

It’s wrong to do it in the street,
It’s wrong to do it in the tweets.
You cannot do it on the field,
You cannot do it if you kneeled.
And don’t do it if you’re rich,
You ungrateful son of a bitch.
Because there is one thing that is a fact,
You cannot protest if you’re black.

—Trevor Noah, with apologies to Dr. Seuss

This is Trump’s most epic fail yet.

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