September 7th, 2017

The first reaction I had to reading Sam Allard’s piece The Q Deal is Officially Alive was Dang, I should move to Cleveland just so I could vote no on all the skininin’ and grinin’ toadies and sycophants seeking to further gorge themselves at the public trough. Then there are the people who lied to 20,000 real Clevelanders and then threw them under the bus.

Allard writes:

The Q Deal’s back on.

Here’s Mayor Frank Jackson:

Those who demonized this process were shortsighted, and I encourage them to ask themselves what they can do for the future of this city. Strong leadership requires doing the right thing, not just saying what you think people want to hear.

And here’s council prez Kevin Kelley:

I am very pleased that Cavaliers have agreed to continue with the Transformation Project. This deal is an economic boom for the City of Cleveland. It saves and creates thousands of jobs; generates tens of millions of tax dollars for the city’s general fund; and keeps the Q competitive in attracting events and concerts. The lease extension guarantees that the Q will be the home of the Cavaliers and continue as an economic engine until at least 2034

Expect more glowing statements from other elected officials soon.

Meanwhile, deep inside the Gilbert compound…

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