September 5th, 2017

On board the USS Bainbridge, CGN 25, we had a saying: The captain speaks to god, but the chief is god.

There has been a spate of ignorant silliness of late as a result to the high-profile collisions of the USS Fitzgerald DDG 62 and the USS John S. McCain DDG 56 that make claims that somehow President Barack Hussein Obama is responsible because he failed to support the training of the fleet.

That is whale shit, pure and simple. No one who had ever actually served would stoop to make such a claim.

Presidents don’t train sailors, sailors train sailors and no one is more vital to that mission that the Chief Petty Officer; always has been and always will be.

I knew and worked under a number of excellent Chief Petty Officers including perhaps the best, Senior Chief Beal. I wish that I had known then what I learned much later, you should always listen to god.

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