August 7th, 2017

Senator Jeffry Lane Flake, R-Az., (a fourth, no second “e,” spelling for our shared name) wants to be the Republican party’s next faux maverick. Now that the Republican Party is crashing down around his ears, Flake thinks that the way out is to now, NOW? to tell the truth?

Flake, Whining in Conservatives face a crisis. We must now tell and expect the truth for The Guardian, writes:

It is a testament to just how far we fell in 2016 that to resist the fever and stand up for conservatism seemed a radical act. It is a threshold requirement for a conservative to be able to both tell and expect the truth. We must demand and accept nothing less. Assuaging the public with happy talk quite obviously isn’t a conservative thing to do. Viewing the government paternalistically isn’t either.

Once a populist fever abates, truth must fill that void. But it is an ugly fact that the truth doesn’t play well on the campaign trail. Free trade never fares well during campaigns. It’s always easier for a politician to point at a shuttered factory and go looking for a scapegoat rather than tell the truth about modernization, mechanization, automation and the more efficient allocation of capital—all things that have made our lives better. But those things are difficult to explain in a campaign.

Good luck with that senator. The rest of us are ready to take The Leap.

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